Dodger Man – Mango Tree/ 2_12 Pre-Order + Stream

Firstly the semi-bad news. Having 300 plates dropped off that were the wrong weight was seriously not cool, but the good news is it’s not setting back the release date of Dodger Man‘s 12″ wax debut.

We sent them back to get them ‘pressed on machine 5’ (whatever that means) for a heavyweight job from the pressing plant. The fact that they are charging us 9p per plate extra for the same weight as the test pressings we approved makes me feel a bit like I’ve been done, but unfortunately the remaining plants in this country are famed for their level of mistrust.

That said it was our first glance at the final product and the stunning artwork from Tom Banfield really comes out nice. And best of all despite the fact we’ve sent them back for a proper press it’s not affected the release date, the digital and physical will be still be dropping September 27th.

As always the vinyl press will be limited, and now that we’ve teamed up with ST Holdings we’re expecting them to go even quicker. Our friends at Redeye Records have jumped on the good tip and thrown up a pre-order that you can place with them here

For promo 320’s get in touch.