DJ Nature November Mixes

Out to Liam D of SpaceBass fame for bringing this one to our attention the other night. Those guys killed it at CAMP last time around, hanging for their next party but in the meantime I’d recommend staying on top of their transmissions as and when they throw them up:

Truth be told if you’re reading this from Japan or the UK you should properly know about DJ Milo of The Wild Bunch; if not check out the full bio here. Following on from the creation of ‘the Bristol sound’ in 1991 Milo launched the DJ Nature alias only to quickly retire it from production credits for almost 20 years. Hooking up with Golf Channel in 2010 saw DJ Nature step back on the scene in flawless form, and over the last two years he’s released some of our favourite slow-mo disco, stunning deep house and edits to boot. Good news then that he’s announced on his soundcloud page that there’s an album on the way, limited 2 x 12″ set that’s no doubt going to fly.

Despite being a New York resident since the early 90s, it’s in Japan that Milo has his biggest fanbase outside the UK. A few weeks ago, he posted up the three mixes below for download, titled the Japan Recovery Mission Supplement. Not sure the story behind the JRMS title, but can say that this is a bit over three hours of essential listening.

We consider Milo / DJ Nature part of the elite of true-school talent, never rushing his mixes, building it from the ground up and vibing off the audience. DJing is much more than beat matching and DJ Nature embodies the entire ethos of being a proper selector.