DJ Food at The Royal Observatory [LDN 19.1.12]

Something special to catch on the live tip, DJ Food are heading out to Greenwich to take over London’s only public planetarium with a bespoke AV show. Having recently dropped Magpies Maps and Moons – part three of three in a vinyl release series that started with One Man’s Weird Is Another Man’s World back in 2009 – there’s now a full length album to look forward to for those that missed out on the wax editions, released 23rd of this month.

Titled The Search Engine the release will collect the three limited wax plates, pushing the experimental world of DJ Food to a larger audience. Although they’ve stated there’s no official theme behind the tracks, there’s certainly the one familiar sonic landscape that all the tracks have come from. What else would you expect from the sound of DJ Food?

Ninja Tune have been perfectly on form with the creativity of their launches, recently immersing audiences in the imaginary space world of Kid Koala for the Space Cadet launch, then the live show and exhibition for Isam by Amon Tobin being some of the most innovative events of 2011. The launch of The Search Engine looks to be no different, with an amazing lineup and customised planetarium show to boot it’s going to be a unique experience you don’t want to miss.

Full details on the night below. We’re hoping to be there with review and possibly some photos from the night for the day after. It’s also worth shouting out that The Search Engine continues the tradition of incredible artwork (the vinyl came with posters), all of which will be on display at the end of the month, more details on that later.

via Ninja Tune

To celebrate the release of DJ Food’s new album The Search Engine, Ninja Tune, Strictly Kev and the good people of Royal Observatory Greenwich are pleased as punch to present a very special show (or shows, depending on how you look at it) in London’s only public planetarium!

The show will be A bespoke AV live show by DJ Food made in conjunction with astronomers from The Royal Observatory Greenwich, using art from The Search Engine, images from Kev’s own visual archive, plus a wealth of material provided by the astronomers themselves (who, it goes without saying, really know their cosmic slop). Lasting 45 minutes, the performance will be a unique, remixed version of the album with exclusive material and a one time only experience. The whole kit and caboodle will be presented on the huge, hemispherical screen, a single high-resolution laser projector creating an immersive 360 degree visual environment. There honestly isn’t a better way to experience this album, unless it’s by being dipped in a vat of high grade LSD.

Due to the limited capacity of the Planetarium there will be 3 separate 45-minute shows by DJ Food at 7.30, 8.30 and 9.30pm. All of them will be the same, so you only need to book for one. However, before and after your slot you can hang out in the DJ Food-curated foyer bar plus the Astronomy Galleries. The bar experience will be enlived by space-themed DJ sets from Narrick Peparcett (Cinematic Orchestra/DJ Food), DK (Solid Steel) and 2econd Class Citizen. Whatever time your viewing is at, come early, have a few drinks and enjoy a great night out, it’s all over by 11pm – result!

And just to make it feel even more like an eccentric away-day, coaches will be provided to shuttle people from St. Mary’s Gate or Greenwich train station up to the Observatory (and back again), although admittedly that’s mainly because entry through Greenwich Park on foot isn’t permitted after 6pm.