DJ Andy Smith – ‘The Document 4’ on Mixcloud


Big ups to DJ Andy Smith for finally dropping The Document 4, and even more so for doing it on his own terms. He’s thrown it up Mixcloud to check out for free after it having been sat at Universal Records since 2008.

When I first landed in London about five years ago, Andy Smith’s free night in the basement of Market Place (now long gone along with any goodness of the bar) was one of my first stop’s and dedicated haunts. Years before that I remember him selling out a night as a DJ, up against Q-Bert and Breakestra performing on the same evening in Sydney. The former Portishead and Dynamo Productions member is an absolute don on decks, and for years I based my record purchases on biting his style (hey, we all have to learn somehow).

Shouts to Maccy D of 2UP fame for putting me on to the original Document mix CDs. Before the days of CDJs being the norm or laptop DJs I was so impressed by the mixes and blends on them that I set aside a half hour of my radio show on FBi to play my favourite parts of Document 1 – 3, that shit needed to be shared. Big shouts for the Keith Lawrence drop on this one too, and for those who want it on there iPod there’s a download link floating around.

via DJ Andy Smith

Document 4 was delivered to Universal Records in 2008 but never released. All plans were in place for a double pack of Document 1 with Document 4 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the first Document mix CD, but I think they were more interested in shifting Amy Winehouse CDs at the end of the day so it was shelved. I’m pretty sure this will be the last Document mix as I can’t put new and old music together as there just isn’t enough new stuff that passes the ‘Andy Smith’ filter nowadays… Enjoy the last Document mix for free. Thanks for your support since 1998 and for all who saw me as a DJ in my own right rather than ‘that DJ from Portishead’! Do catch my ‘Jam Up Twist’ nights around the UK & ‘Lost & Found’ at Madame Jo Jo-‘s in Soho, London every Saturday.