The Dirtbombs Cover Techno

There’s been enough written about The Dirtbombs recent album of Detroit techno covers, titled Party Store, for me to really add anything new or overly meaningful. So instead I’ll just add my own opinion, that it probably lives up the hype. 

I first saw The Dirtbombs play in Sydney, right when the now defunct White Stripes threw the spotlight back on raw bluesy rock. Groups like Soledad Brothers and Mess Hall were on the verge of blowing up worldwide, and a lot of bands that temporarily reveled in the heat that came with the revival are now going under the radar once more, damn shame.

Anyway, for me The Dirtbombs, with their two drummers and seemingly endless list of past band players, epitomised this two-three year love affair where any rock coming from Detroit or labelled garage could do no wrong. How appropriate then that almost a decade later they’ve come through and dropped this LP of techno covers right when I’m rediscovering Detroit for an entirely different musical landscape.

Check below for a definite highlight off the album, their cover version of Sharivari a techno classic from 1981 originally done by Anumberofnames. This time around we’ve even got Scion A/V supplying the visuals.



By the time you read this the 3xLP might be sold-out, and I apologise if so, but even then it’s worth picking up the CD. I’m all for freeing the music but only if you’re also supporting the cause. Full tracklist below.

1. Cosmic Cars
2. Sharivari
3. Good Life (Basement Roots Mix)
4. Strings Of Life
5. Alleys Of Your Mind
6. Bug In The Bass Bin
7. Jaguar
8. Tear The Club Up
9. ? ????-??? (Detoroito Mix)