Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop) on The Iraq War – Podcast

The Dollop may be one of the greatest podcasts of all time. Hosted by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds it consists of the former reading the latter a story from history of which Reynolds has no idea what the topic is. It’s generally hilarious, and if you’re looking for a starting point on it I highly recommend episode 12, The Rube.

But what we’ve got here is a quick share on something less funny but infinitely more important; the most accessible breakdown I’ve come across of the absolute cluster-fuck that is America’s war in Iraq.

The resounding message here is painful – it could’ve been okay and done properly, but the American government chose ignorance, arrogance and disregard for any human life or the affects of their actions. With the official estimated toll at 500,000 dead (closer to 3x that in reality) and 1.5 million refugees, in a nutshell it was Bush’s government who came in and fucked Iraq in to the current state it is.

This is going to make you angry, as it should. Hopefully it’ll make you want to dig deeper. If you take one recommendation from us, it’s to listen, share and hopefully learn something from this episode: http://thedollop.libsyn.com/122-the-iraq-war