Darling Farah ‘Body’ LP

Someone who’s been on a lot of radars of recent is Darling Farah, who we first spotted on Civil Music back in 2010, when he was still 17 and based in the UAE. Two EPs last year, a killer remix for Kry Wolf digital release on Sounds Of Sumo, and even achieving the amazing feat of making James Blake sound interesting, it’s no wonder people were starting to pay attention.

The problem with getting so much heat early on in a career though started to become evident, as while the tracks were good they could all be tied back to the same sounds on that first Civil Music 12″, forcing Darling Farah to stay in the “one to watch” section of most minds as opposed to having arrived.

Then his Body LP dropped this week…woah. With this album Darling Farah went from being a producer to watch to someone with a superior style akin to an early Hieroglyphic Being in some areas, Marcellus Pittman in others and Tommy Four Seven in others. To give fair warning he’s not yet reached the same level of quality and ingenuity that these three producers offer, but the fact that you can draw similarities is really saying something. That same deep raw bass business, with unique structuring that just changes when you don’t expect and borders on drone when you do. A limited number of sounds appear on each track but every one is tuned to fit in to it’s place and do it’s job in a different way.

I’ve been rinsing the hell out of this LP the last few days, properly can’t get enough of it. Just a damn good album taking my favourite elements of house and techno as influence. Album samples in one track below, you ca pick up the LP at Phonica among a load of other places.