‘Dancehall in Japan’ & ‘Indie In Mexico’ – Short Films Directed by D.A.R.Y.L.

Call it content marketing or whatever you’d like, but I really enjoyed the first two short five minute films from Bose. Part three should be dropping any day now, closing off the collection, so if you’ve not seen these ones yet it’s worth catching up on.

I’ve always loved Japan and the fact that you can find a scene for anything there. In fact, Japan’s culture of appropriation is almost a definitive pop culture in itself, emulating the loudest elements of sub-cultures worldwide, going full-out with fashion, mastering dances and styles from any range of western movements, current or past.

Dancehall is no exception. Directed by D.A.R.Y.L. and featuring the legendary Mighty Crown Sound System out of Japan, this first episode in the series of three from the speaker manufacturer – titled Scene Unseen Episode 1: Dancehall In Japan captures a universal vibe.

Aba-Shanti-I spoke once about the spiritual home feeling that he got on first trip to Japan, playing to masses who were down to receive the message, operating on the same plane in the dance. I definitely had that in my mind while watching this. Far removed from Jamaica, or even London and Brooklyn, the dancehall fans in Japan even go to lengths to understand and translate the lyrics; they’re committed and doing it for the right reasons.

It’s not the strongest or most in-depth doco by any means, but it’s not meant to be, and there’s no denying how beautifully it’s been shot.

I’d be lying if I said I was as hyped about part two, Indie In Mexico, but the theme is quite timely given the La Psicotropia cassette (more on this later) on the Was Ist Das?! label that we’ve been rinsing of late.

Once again the stunning shots and camera work alone make it worth watching.