‘Creation Rebel Zine’ Issue 1

Stoked to have picked this up before they sold out, a very cool zine from the Creation camp. Nowadays Creation aka Creation Rebel are known equally for their t-shirt  designs as much as the style and carefully curated aesthetic of their blog. It’s got to be one of the best looking sites out there, the lo-fi online equivalent of a dusty tape, all tinged with a rasta-vibe and incredibly strong imagery.

They’ve captured this presence in this photocopied zine, and if anything made it even more indisputable.

Our eyes were drawn to this originally for the words ‘sound system’ in the description, but we got so much more. Can’t help but think of the  punk zines of old, of cut and copy images and typewriter misspellings, layouts done with glue pots before going on the photocopier at 10c a sheet. Martin Sharp would be proud of this layout.

Truth be told it’s a lost art, who’s return in this zine is greatly appreciated.

From skinhead to reggae, to punk and b-boy movements it’s hard to put a finger on the common-thread here. Packed with iconic and lesser-known imagery and stories, as well as a bomb of recycled material (including a “Are You A Mod or Rocker?” quiz from God knows where), the more you dissect the material within the more you realise how far and how often they must have traveled off the beaten path to get this zine together.

I’ve poured over the 34 pages here multiple times, which is more dedication than I normally give to magazines or any photocopied pieces. Somewhere along the line I realised that it’s much easier to drop coin and read-up on topics you know backwards, where the interesting stuff sits in the unknown. For us, Creation Rebel is equal parts unheard and equal parts a new spin on familiar topics, which is a perfect balance.

Big ups the crew involved here, hanging out for the next issue.