Club Integral presents “The Geometry of Fear” feat. Nad Spiro Live [LDN 19.4.13]

For the London based among you make sure you get down to this next week, headlined by the incredible Nad Spiro, stage name of experimental composer and performer Rosa Arruti out of Barcelona. Rosa’s joined by some proper talent in the form of two-piece Static Memories, Cloudier Skies and raga-drone-psyche specialists Raagnagrok.

We’ve been big fans of the Nad Spiro output since we first got turned on to it last year, and have been constantly excited as we dig through her 12 year catalogue with Geometrik Records. We gave a small run down on the label, artist and most importantly the latest album when it dropped, alongside a stream of Atomic Spy which you can check out here:

Using the guitar as the primary instrument in creating her sound, the Nad Spiro live show is something we’ve been waiting to see. With the recorded music able to create atmosphere and communicate experience equally through the industrial textures as the space she leaves between them, seeing Nad Spiro go live in a physical environment is going to be something really special. This is a rare London live show from a unique musician, pushing the boundaries of what you can do with looped electronics and a six-string guitar.

On the back end of last year we got some self-remixed workings from Nad Spiro, with a cool video to boot.

The chaps behind the night, aptly titled ‘The Geometry Of Fear‘, are Club Integral, a collective with proper pedigree ranging from Resonance FM to Wire. Pushing experimental music from the more interesting but less celebrated side of the scene, they’re doing an amazing job spreading a message of sonic exploration and creativity by curating top events of music they believe in. We love it.

Back to ‘The Geometry Of Fear’, it’s quality event start to finish with support as well. Static Memories is the ever-impressive two-piece of Dan Powell and Gus Garsidem guaranteed to deliver. Cloudier Skies are bound to make things infinitely prettier, and for something truly mind-altering get their in time for Raagnagrok – proper tripped-out journey music, and another amazing live act.

It’s all happening next Friday night, 19th at The Grosvenor, one of two locations that holds residencies for Club Integral. The crew’s DJs will be selecting and Rucksack Cinema are supplying visuals. Full details below, don’t sleep, especially for a top of £5 entry fee.

Club Integral presents “The Geometry Of Fear” Friday 19th April
@ The Grosvenor
17 Sidney Road
London SW 0TP
Friday 19th April
Featuring : Nad Spiro – Static Memories – Cloudier Skies – Ragnaagrok
plus DJ Jules Webbcore and video projections from Rucksack Cinema.