The Chrome Angelz Group Show [LDN 15.6 – 14.7]

Kicking off Friday (15th) of this month (June) and running for about a month in their Soho locale, The Outsiders are hosting the first ever group show from The Chrome Angelz.

Considering their impact on European and British graffiti scenes and styles, it’s surprising that this is the first show of this kind that’s been put together. Perhaps it’s due to their prolificness and influence that it’s been so long in the making. The extended family that is TCA we’re known for all offering different skillsets and styles to the collective, different backgrounds in art and experience to bring to the collaboration. As a result, post ‘golden aerosol era’ it became harder to tie them down as a single unit.

Definite highlights are coming from the structure of the show, set out to give us more than stunning aerosol art but new works in the form of paintings, drawings and sculptural pieces sitting alongside selected archive. In short, we expect to be able to see the journey of members from the early back-in-the-day collective to where they are now. In the way that early photos of The Wild Bunch make record fiends stare wistfully lost in a world of their own, it’s the TCA archive photographs we’re most looking forward to checking. We weren’t there for it, no one knew how important it would become, and the candid shots are the closest we can get to understanding what it was like.

Full details below, and as a bonus here’s a little TCA video we found online from back in the day.

via The Outsiders
Artists: The Chrome Angelz
Location: The Outsiders – London
Dates: Friday 15th of June 2012 to Saturday 14th of July 2012

The Outsiders London is delighted to welcome to the gallery the first ever exhibition by one of Europe’s foremost graffiti crew ‘The Chrome Angelz’. Formed in the early 1980s crew members Mode 2, Pride, Zaki, Scribla and Bando have come together again more than 20 years later to showcase photos from their unseen archive, canvases, as well as brand new paintings and sculptural pieces. The Chrome Angelz exhibition will offer a rare insight into their unique and proud history.