Chairman Kato – ‘Purgatory’ Live At The V&A

Proper stoked to see this, though feel like I missed out having not been there while it was live. The one Chairman Kato recently stepped up his installation CV by exhibiting ‘Purgatory Live‘ at the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&;A) in London. One of the world’s top design and art museums, their Friday Late series has been making the most of their incredible space for some pretty interesting and unexpected projects, albeit temporary in nature.

‘Purgatory’ as a piece has been one of the countless ideas developed from within Kato’s head for years. His first visions of it started to take place soon after Science & Romance came out, with it’s original (of sorts) incarnation debuting at Underpin beneath his old haunt TeaSmith over twenty four months ago.

At the time the idea was focussed around the dissolution of written words, asking the participants to write down something they wanted to achieve and dropping it in to a tank. Having moved to an audio booth and putting his live sound talents to use, watch the short video below as he talks you through the installation in it’s evolved state at the V& A.

And that’s especially why we like this. More than a one-off installation, ‘Purgatory’ represents a constantly alive installation piece that can take on different forms using the space and time it’s given.

While we’re on topic we definitely need to shout out some Midnight Davis, the alias and now live band of the good Chairman. Midnight Davis dropped a new digi-EP titled Severance on Five Easy Pieces,. Check the live version of ‘Midnight Manifesto‘ below.