Chairman Kato & Kassem Mosse @ The CAMP Basement

Proper looking forward to this one. The weekend before the release of the Science & Romance EP on vinyl, Chairman Kato is going to be sharing decks with one of favourite producers and DJs Kassem Mosse. I’ve caught him in before in his hometown of Berlin and can definitely vouch for him as a headliner on decks, even ignoring the importance of what he injected in the record scene. Mosse is one of those DJs who makes a few hours of a set seem like practically no time, but still delivers a proper record journey.

It’s happening 21st of October at The CAMP Basement. Full details and ticket info below, make sure you get on down.

via RA

In our handsome new venue with its earplug proof speakers we can now dispense over 100 different sounds.

From our guest dispenser, Kassem ‘how did yer mek it sound like that’ Mosse, you can presume swamped irregular electronics chained to regular rhythms, unbending sound mechanics to invert the corners of the sun.

There is not an app for Kassem Mosse, no iMosse, he is not two for one on wednesdays, downloadable or Hi-Def and whilst you might see Kassem Mosse at a warehouse party, it wont be yours. We know that he sprinkles rubble on his shreddies and that his favourite colour is teal but thats about it. If a slab of concrete falls on a Saab 900 in a desolate Mancunian carpark at night, with no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Kassem Mosse thinks so.

Chairman Kato might even agree but he’s probably too busy astral travelling over to Detroit to get a glimpse of Theo Parrish’s nightmares. Where else could his music come from? For one night and one night only, the Chairman will hop on to his hoverboard and float down to the CAMP and when Kassem Mosse finishes his set… we predict that Kato will spring up behind the decks chuckling only to himself, pop out his eyeballs, plug them into the decks and blow us all away with 1 hour and 30 minutes of atomic boogie bombs.

Count Chocula will also be guesting on the 21st playing a diazepam-fuelled selection of wobblers back to back with the Udio residents, and will most definitely be enjoying himself.

Friends – if you’ve read this far we salute you and we wish you the very best of Udio-sponsored evenings. We promise that it won’t be the last. x