Chairman Kato Boiler Room Archive

Archive now up for those that missed Chairman Kato doing it on Boiler Room last month, as part of their TFT LIVE sessions focusing on producers doing their thing live on the night. As always Kato smashed it live, even working in some sounds from the forthcoming Science and Romance release on Awkward Movements. While we’re on that tip we’re expecting the final piece of the record to be delivered from Detroit sometime today or tomorrow, will keep you updated.

Check Kato’s 25 minute performance below, and for those not already subscribed get on the Boiler Room podcast for the download via iTunes.

He’s the Chairman for a reason you know! It’s great to have this familiar face back in the Boiler Room making it sound real nice. Out to those that know.

TFT01 Chairman Kato (live) by BOILER ROOM