CDR Sydney @ Room 107 – ‘All Ears’ Doco Screening 20.2.14 [SYD]

I’m a big fan of the CDR concept and all their associated activities. Founded by the one Tony Nwachukwu (of Attica Blues fame as well as just been a really interesting guy) and mate Gavin Alexander back in 2002, CDR continues to exponentially grow, spreading nothing but good vibes and quality nights for heads to come together at.

For those that don’t know, CDR (Create, Define, Release) is a night for artists to bring down their tracks – burnt on to a CD or uploaded to a USB – to hear played over a club system. Over the years special guest formats have arisen, partnerships with Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA), electronic workshops and even Q&A with big names taking place all over the world.

For us at the time, it was all happening alongside the peak of the Plastic People sound, and the original system they had in there at the time. The CDR events we attended were always free, and as well as their regular gig showcasing London’s scores of unreleased music makers, the specialty nights were some of the best I’ve been down to at the Curtain Road haunt. Proving it’s worth, it’s now one of the longest running nights at the Shoreditch venue, now over a decade deep of calling it home.

Proper stoked then to see CDR popping up semi-regularly in the hometown of Sydney, as well as a more permanent presence launching in Melbourne. Happening next month at 107 Projects in Redfern, Sydney crew should definitely get down to check it out, and heads should be pulling their top production out for submission on the night via CD or USB.

As well as local unreleased productions, we’ll also be treated tot he debut screening of All Ears – one of the long-awaited docos taking a look in to California’s history of the hip-hop arts, and the relatively recent explosion of the beats generation that it’s birthed in many ways. Focusing on pivotal locations and ngihts such as Low End Theory, it features the superstars of the scene such as Daddy Kev, Ras G, Daedalus, Flying Lotus, Kutmah and Gaslamp Killer.

Check the trailer below.

Interestingly enough, while there’s been a tonne of mini-docs (and we’re talking a LOT) on the LA scene over the last few years, a feature length has been suspiciously absent. We waited for quite some time for The Low End Theory documentary that was given a trailer at the scene’s peak, but as far as I’m aware that never eventuated despite the calls for it.

It’s all happening 20th of February, and it’s going to be a wicked night, pure vibes all the way. Full details on the flyer up top and in the facebook listing below. Don’t forget to bring your tracks, as well as your own beer.

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