Capelle – All Roads Lead To America

Damn! It’s been over four years since I’ve last seen Capelle and now he’s heading to the states. Back when he was Sydney’s music / technical / radio guru of the underground, I first met Nic Capelle, and within minutes we’d found common ground on music and he was offering to lend me his MPC and his valuable time to try out a few tricks.

As I got to know him I was constantly baffled by where he’d pop up. Producing beats, playing acoustic himself, jamming with every other band kicking around the live circuit, rocking out with a mandolin for the Greek Olympics – there seemed no end to the man’s possibilities across the musical spectrum. And best of all it was always done with soul and honesty.

You know the type of guy who you talk to and then as soon as the conversation’s over you feel like throwing out your tv and just doing some creative shit? This was what it was like to know Capelle in Sydney. I remember thinking at the time that someone needs to give this guy a whole bunch of money and let him loose on the rest of the world. Either that or elect him in to parliament.

I lost track of him for a while as he was swallowed up by the creative content that is London, until I started to see ‘Burn The Witch‘ higher and higher up on the UK tour posters, and learned soon after this was his new project he was fronting.

Anyways apparently some tv type person met Capelle and felt similarly to how I did as he’s now got a tv show. And whilst I’m normally dead-against these reality band type things for the obvious reasons – not least the manufactured shit music they produce – this actually gives me a bit of faith in tv and the people making the decisions behind them. Capelle’s the genuine article and I can’t wait till this hits the air.

Check the trailer below. There’ll no doubt be some form of UK farewell gig, I’ll be sure to get it up when it bombs around.