BrandNewNoise by Richard Upchurch – Handmade Voice Recorders and Sound Gadgets

Brand New Noise aka BrandNewNoise is the online shop for handmade music gadgets from Richard Uphill, shipped from his workshop in Brooklyn, NY. You’ve got a love anyone that’s turned a home hobby in to a full time business, and when the product’s are this good it’s even more exciting.

Uphill’s original offering was a simple voice recorded in a wooden box. That concept evolved to include a pitch shifter, looper, 1/8 jacks in and 30 seconds of sampling time. And more recently he’s added the Phone-Home Xylophone (with built in recorder, pitch-shift and looper) and the Zoots thumb piano with all the bells and whistles as the rest.

The custom made recording devices remain the stars though, with killer designs done in limited batches, including David Bowie, 8-bit Santa, and signed Black Keys and Tedeschi Truck Band editions to name a few.

Surprisingly affordable and made from sustainable materials, it’s worth picking one of these ups if only to play around with. It’s only a matter of time before Sonar features a performance with twenty three of these things. Hanging out for it.