Blacknecks – ‘Blacknecks001’ 12″ [Blacknecks]

Damn – some proper raw techno arriving on this 12″, right up our alley. Keeping it all anonymous, only giving us ‘Blacknecks‘ to go on, the wax only release and launch of an imprint is a new project from two UK garage producers; yet unnamed, but assuming it’s not Shanks & Bigfoot. Always got room for floor destroy techno, and hopefully this is the first in a long-running catalogue for the heads behind it.

The anonymity thing doesn’t really work if you’ve not got the tracks to back it up, but this has definitely peaked appropriate interest. My first guess would’ve been Ancient Methods or Appointment pushing out something functional and brutal that was otherwise going to waste. Not going to dwell on the unknown nature of the heads behind it except to give massive props to those who brought it to us.

Pulling comparisons to Blawan thus far, Blacknecks 001 has also got the hammering nature of British Murder Boys and the f**k you, punk-attitude of Sandwell District. Can’t get enough of this raw analogue sound, especially once you get these records on a big system. Definitely another one of those plates that’s not leaving the bag for the next twelve months.

Press release below, all four tracks just underneath that, something to get on asap.

Blacknecks is the new, anonymous side project of two prominent UK garage producers & remixers, known for remixing a string of top 40 singles, as well as having their own minor hit in the late naughties. Their continued involvement in the UK urban music scene belies their long held passion for the harder edged sounds of techno….. Really hot stuff…