Beastie Boys – ‘Make Some Noise’ / Promo Vid / Free Tibet


Update: You can now check out the full 30 minute video here:

Is there an award for the 10 millionth person to repost this? Let’s hope so. Finally got around to checking the new Beastie Boys tune and it’s pure fire. 16 years later (and 10+ live shows) I’m still vibing on everything these guys do, and now even more gutted I missed out on bagging the single on Record Store Day.

Tongue in cheek as always they’ve roped in Will Ferrell, Susan Sarandon and Seth Rogan for a promo video, which you can check out below.

Disclaimer: a big f*ck you (and have a nice day) if you think you’re too underground for anything with promo budget.

And best of all the track at hand sounds closer to Ill Communication than anything they’ve done in between.

In case you don’t know, the Beasties have also done a hell of a lot of good to improve the world without being twats about it (take note Bono). As well as being the ones to sign At The Drive-In to record their first studio album, they’ve campaigned for a free Tibet since the early ’90s. In fact back in 1994 Adam Yauch aka MCA actually set up a charity (still running) called the Milarepa Fund, whose initial purpose was to distribute royalty payments from tracks which had sampled the chanting of Tibetan monks, to support Tibetan independence.

The culmination of this was the annual Tibetan Freedom Concert, a three-day festival funded out of the Beastie Boys pockets to raise money for the cause. I’m not even going to go in to how dope the lineups were for these, but I highly recommend you check them out. A CD was in fact spawned from the 1997 concert recordings in the states, which you can still pick up online from various places.

Anyway the new album’s dropping soon and is called Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, available for pre-order now in a variety of versions from the main Beastie Boys site. And as we’ll probably never be close enough on topic to post this again here’s One Armed Scissor.