Beastie Boys Figurines (and a few others)

As I’ve banged on about before I’m a big Beastie Boys fan. Absolutely gutted then at the $750 price tag on these figurines. Granted it’s a good cause with proceeds heading to the Pablove Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation who both work with children diagnosed with cancer, but I’d still like to be able to afford one.

Maybe less celebrity cameos in earlier pomo vids and we could bring the rate down and sell a larger quantity whilst raising the amount of money? Though there is another interesting part in my reluctance to part with the cash for something I’ll have for a lifetime despite me probably spending this amount on limited picture books, tickets and t-shirts over the years. In fact a quick calculation in my head says that I’ve spent way above this on related paraphernalia I no longer own or wear. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.

For those that missed it, last week the below video (directed by Spike Jonze) dropped, starring the figurines in action.


I know Jimmy Monsta Funk has been on the search for the original Yellow Magic Orchestra ones which despite their normal pricing turned out to be extremely limited. Very cool though, if you can find them.

Last time we were talking about collectible figures it was following the design release for the Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry doll from the same company that brought us the brilliant Bob Moog, Allen Ginsberg and Raymond Scott ones. Recently got turned on to a few more though from the list of 20 Best and Worst Rapper Action Figures compiled at some point by Complex. A few favourites below including the somewhat confusing depiction of ODB coming out of a garbage can crucified on a cross in front of all 13 of his children. The Doom one is definitely tight, and I may not be that in to his work but the Eminem chainsaw look is pretty dope.