BBC Worldwide Services Auction

Out to Charity Queen for the pick on this – for those London based this could be an absolute goldmine. As we’ve spoken about before BBC World Services is exiting the beautiful Bush House location, and as a result are selling pretty much everything used to run an operation on that scale. From masses of microphones and unused / unopened amplifiers to audio editing stations, DAW-Ps, Studer tape recorders and a stack of 1210s just to name a few bits, there’s some damn cool equipment within the 1240 or so items being auctioned off.You can even bid on some of the nice prints and framed artworks that used to decorate the halls and offices, one stunning piece titled 1000 Years Of British Music still going for a tenner.

In true BBC fashion of refusing to move with the times they’ve opted for an old-school auction house instead of the ease of eBay or online bidding. Not sure if you have to actually roll up on the day to ensure you’re not outbid in person, but pick up is from central London only. Gutted that I’m therefore excluded now, though if anyone is planning on organising an Australian shipment and wants to split costs get in touch.