Battlesnake – ‘The Cheshire Cat’

Shouts to Timmy K for putting me on to this track and the three-piece that is Battlesnake – first time I’ve heard from them and hanging out for more.

Although the term ‘free-rock’ seems like a tag to music I’d generally avoid, there’s possibly some Moritz von Oswald trio vibes happening here (and perhaps for geographical reasons reminded me of The Necks?) that have made this track addictive listening as of late. There’s even a dope video to go with it done by band member Gus Kemp.

Battlesnake – The Cheshire Cat from Gus Kemp on Vimeo

Battlesnake started in Melbourne in 2003: the year of the Great Flood. We call what we do ‘free-rock’ – 100% improvised music with no guitars and no solos. It’s the sound of a rhythm section working it out as they go along.

The Cheshire Cat is an improvised song recorded in a house on Phillip Island one weekend in October. We walked into the swamp, got lost, and when we finally emerged, some time later, we came up with this. It comes from the soon to be released album, ‘Your Life is on Fire’.

I’d love to get these stems and send them over to the likes of Container, Marcel Dettman or Chairman Kato for a b-side remix. You can link to their bandcamp and download the track for free below. Seriously big ups to these guys, there’s some amazing ish going on with what they’re doing.