Aybee – ‘Worlds’ LP [Deepblak Music]

Armon Brazile aka Aybee first entered our sphere of consciousness after he flexed the cosmic house muscles on the 11:11 EP a few years back. Released on his own Deepblak label, that plate was uncharted territory for us at the time and opened up new possibilities from the deeper side of the genre. Later that year, under his beats-based alias o1o, he properly stopped us in our tracks with the limited press of Futurespective. Only a handful made it to the UK, but that record’s got a special place in the collection due to the sounds pressed on it rather than it’s limited nature.

Back on the deeper house vibes tip with the new LP and Worlds is next level. A jazz influenced journey that starts with beatless noise across space, slowly developing constraints and tempos as the track listing evolves across the 2XLP. Analogue sounds mix together, bass and drums developing a punch as the tape-echo and samples float in and out of the compositions as they see fit. This is where the the genius of Aybee lies, not just in his unique sound palettes but the areas he leaves around the songs, the instrumentation akin to Floating Points given it’s own room to move.

Not a lot of other house producers evoke this natural spirituality feel from their tracks. Hieroglyphic Being, DJ Krush and Sun-Ra are the easiest comparisons in more way than one for the unadulterated cosmic vibes. From those that are on this level of production none are as creative and flexible within their unique sound as Aybee. Undoubtedly one of the best “producer’s producer” heads around, fans of everyone from Joe Meek to Dilla to Nochexxx to Fudge Fingas to Medeski, Martin & Wood have the potential to come together on this plate, you don’t have to be a house fan to dig what he’s doing.

Released once again on his own Deepblak Music label with nine cuts in total, this is definitely going to influence the scene for 2013 – get it while the wax is still around. Press release below, and a two tracks off the album just underneath that.

via Deepblak
Deepblak Chief Alchemist AYBEE returns unveiling “Worlds” his second full length on Deepblak , and follow up to 2009’s ground breaking “East Oakland Space Program”. Once again we embark on cross dimensional travels into rhythm as AYBEE dives head first into sonic landscapes. “Worlds” is a rhythmic cartography of the many moods of the Oakland, CA based producer. Fusing elements of the cosmic, and the deep as he mines through a host of emotional transitions of the last few years. True to AYBEE’s production aesthetics “Worlds” is full of depth, layers, and colors while touching on various tempos. Always seeking to expand the boundaries, AYBEE once again delivers a long play project that transports the listener while evading convention. We are very proud to present this album which is the first one in Deeplak’s new decade. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the trip.