The Axis Records Wrench Set

With the Omar-S full length album – It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It, CD only release, but definitely worth checking – arriving this month, there’s no doubt been a sudden rush on the ever-popular Omar-S ice cube trays. Endorsed and supplied by the Detroit producer’s own FXHE label and sold in a variety of colours for the reasonable price of around £5, they’re not a bad purchase as far as collectibles go. Not as stylistic but somewhat more practical and a hell of a lot cheaper than the Beastie Boys figurines if nothing else.

Yesterday we bombed up a video with Eduardo De La Calle being interviewed wearing what seemed to be Underground Resistance motorcross padding and driving around in what looked like his customised, UR branded car. Impressive dedication as I’ve still not worked out the exact connection to the UR collective, not having actually released on there label.

If this was a contest however (not sure what, but if “it” was), the winner would have to be somewhere in the merchandise section of Axis Records. The label founded and operated by the legendary Jeff Mills has taken the “motor city” theme to the next level offering up not only Axis Records Leather Driving Journal, Axis Records Motorcycle Helmets, and Axis Record Leather Driving Gloves, but also metal stamped tools of the trade in the form of Axis Records Tire Lug Wrench and the Axis Records 4 Piece Wrench Set.