Awkward Movements x Illum Sphere Photos

Again mad props to everyone who made it down on the night to see the crew and Illum Sphere tear it up earlier in the month. Special thanks to Talking At Me and Notting Hill Arts for hosting a fun night. You know it’s been a success when you’ve got Greek gang fights being broken up by the cops waiting to get in.

We managed to rope Timmy K in to getting down with a lens and blessing us with some dope photography. For the full set (and others, including all the out takes of us trying to spell AWKD for the camera with fingers) check his photography up on Flickr here:

Here’s a few of our favorites though.

Christmas season’s been crazy for us all – but we’ve got something special planned in he pipeline for Awkward Movements Sessions – though whether or not we get it off before the New Year is another matter.