Awkward Movements Sessions #49 – Kamikaze

Proper return back in to Awkward Movements Sessions with Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze delivering up what we’ve dubbed The Coma Skank Session. We’re back on this proper now, watch for the regular. Big ups Kamikaze as always, one of about 18 shows he’s serving up for various factions in the months to come, don’t sleep on what he does.

It’s been a decent week for Pan, what with that long-awaited Lee Gamble LP dropping and the Sensate Focus Heatsick-rework 12″ appearing as if from nowhere. Ace. Pan bounty aside tho, find within a Jonathan Harvey tribute; some sleazy dub from Bellows; an apocalyptic Stig Inge plate; some tribal bits from across Africa; and the continuation of the phenomenal posthumous Muslimgauze release schedule. In other lost and reissue music this time, Mississippi vinylise another bunch of belters from the Ethiopiques series; Sympathy Nervous treats us to some plastic lovin’; Sham Palace offer up a blinding collection of Indonesian pop; Die Doraus wishes us a pleasant morning; and Tunji Oyelana want the bus to slow a little. Otherwise, Elyse gets a rewind; the Cults Percussion Ensemble continue to twinkle; Andy Levine stacks the stuck grooves; Burial’s got a new single, and there’s a charming debut from my namesake Poppy.

All these things make me happy x

Poppy Ackroyd – Grounds [Devonvali]
Bellows – Untitled [Entr’acte]
Lee Gamble – Coma Skank (BinocConverge Mix) [Pan]
Sensate Focus – X [Pan]
Muslimgauze – Analog Zikir 1 [TMPS]
Mayogo Tribe – Congo Bereji [SWP]
Diolas Tribe – Wrestling, Serekunda, the Gambia [Lyrichord]
Mindanoo Mistiru – Wub’ Allem [Lyrichord]
Bahta Gebre Heywet – Gizie [Mississippi/Change]
Zul Darwis & Asmidar Darwis – Sifat Manusia [Sham Palace]
Mohammed Al Ali – Mili Alay [Sham Palace]
Andy Levine – Remake/Recycle [Self-released]
Burial – Rough Sleeper [Hyperdub]
Sympathy Nervous – Plastic Love [Minimal Wave]
Die Doraus & Die Marinas – Guten Morgen [Bureau-B]
Elyse – Mortuary Bound [Orange Twin]
Cults Percussion Ensemble – Erlangen Polka [Trunk]
Tunji Oyelana – Agda Lo De [Soundway]
Stig Inge – D-010 [ZCKR]
Jonathan Harvey – Advaya [Compositeurs d’aujourd’hui]
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