Awkward Movements Sessions #48 – Timmy K (Metalheadz Tribute)

The Metalheadz tribute mix! We’ve been waiting for Timmy K to drop this on us for time. As we’ve stated before the man has two loves – taking photos and drum n bass. The email that came attached with this 25 track monster sums up the attitude perfectly, and we can’t think of anyone we would have rather had do it.

via Timmy K
“Firstly i have to say doing this was really hard, mixing tunes from one label is hard but in this case I had 150+ tunes to choose from. I expect anyone who knows the output of Metalheadz to criticise the mix because there is so many tunes that are missing and so many that mean so much to so many people there is no way of getting them all in.

I have gone for the ones that I like and mean something to me, it includes the full 21 minute of timeless. In case you don’t know its from the album ‘Timeless’ by Goldie – label head and creative force behind Metalheadz. Unfortunately because of Bond films and appearances in Eastenders people hate on goldie and forget his major contribution to the UK music scene. He loves music and for any doubters please listen to his 6music mix with Dave Pearce you will find it online and it will hopefully make you think again.

Through his label and seminal nights at ‘The Bluenote’ he helped make drum and bass. He has also been a public face for the scene and also pushed the boundaries of what people think drum and bass is. Goldie has created music with David Bowie, conducted an orchestra and brought a Timeless to the proms. This is partly why his label is so important not just to the UK DnB scene but to the whole of electronic music.

The label is a corner stone of the scene. It has been breaking new artists since day one, I can only sugest watching this doc to get a better idea, re-listen to Timeless and go and find some tunes by Dillinja, Source Direct, Commix, J Majik, Doc Scott, Ed Rush and Optical or look at the discogs page.

Also the mix was done without loops or fx , ok it was done digitally but i tried to keep it as technically close to when I first stated mixing on a Numark Red 2 Channel Mixer and some shit Gemini belt drive decks. Its not technically good but the tunes hopefully speak for themselves.”

Alex Reece – I Need Your Love [MET003]
Doc Scott – It’s Yours [MET004]
Hidden Agenda – Swing Time [METH020]
Dillinja – Brutal Bass [MET006]
Lemon D – Urban Style Music [METH014]
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction [METH011]
Doc Scott – Drumz 95 (Nasty Habits rmx) [METH015]
Dillinja – The Angels Fell [MET006]
Commix – Justified [METH080]
Rufige Kru – VIP Riders Ghost (The Origin) [METH001]
Lenzman – Open Page (feat Riya) [METH084]
J Majik – Freefall [METH032]
Optical – To Shape The Future (Remix) [METH027]
Sabre – God Fearing [METH076]
Total Science – Borderline 2000 [METH039]
Marcus Intalex and ST Files – Universe [METH038]
Spectrasoul – The Four Points (feat. Kenny Knots) [METH081]
Calyx – Leviathan [METH048]
Commix – Be True [METH075]
Bad Company UK – True Romance [METPLA001]
Commix – Talk To Frank [METH072]
Total Science – Jungle Jungle [METH039]
John B – Up All Night [METH041]
Amit – Gatecrasher [METH057]
Goldie – Timeless: i. Inner City Life, ii. Pressure, iii. Jah
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