Awkward Movements Sessions #43 – Jimmy Monsta Funk

This is something special for Awkward Movements Sessions, as Jimmy Monsta Funk returns to decks once more. An incredible 2 1/2 hour session, one-track recorded live over the weekend in a transcendence of genre definiton. Check the philosophy below, the embodiment of 20 years of playing wax around the world and appreciating music. Big ups!

For my latest mix for Awkward Movements, I decided to throw caution to the wind and bring a techno-based mix with a few surprises along the way.

Although much of what I hear from the music press, bloggers and other DJs seems to be about keeping to one style, I have always been about trying to join disparate elements into a flowing set; it’s very much my belief that the range of tracks out there right now could lead to a real renaissance in dance music akin to what I experienced during 1991.

During this year I saw DJs as diverse as amongst others Sasha, Fabio and Grooverider, Dave Angel, Mickey Finn, Slipmatt, Frankie Knuckles and Jumpin’ Jack Frost. What was clear was that pretty much anything goes, so you would hear Italian House, Belgian Techno and banging London breaks all in the same setting, this would create the same highs and lows you get from a symphony, a double album or a film soundtrack.

This mix features tracks that are listed online as ‘Minimal’ (including Rodriguez Jr.), ‘Deep House’ (including tracks by Ferrer & Hommen and Okain), ‘Electro-house’ (such as The Art Department track), ‘UK Funky’ (such as Seiji and Boddika & Joy Orbison), ‘Electro’ (in the form of Morphology), ‘Drum & Bass’ (from Marcus Intelex) and of course the genre that forms a majority of my record collection, ‘Techno’.

On top of the artists mentioned above, I include new music from Mark Flash (straight from the wonderful UR affiliated distribution company, Omar S & Ob Ignitt, Marcel Fengler and Kevin Gorman. There’s some classic techno from G-Man and Tralopscinor (both re-released in the last 12 months) and a cracking UR track by Dark Energy from 1994, some old school drum & bass from Photek and Subject 13, a brilliant old school remix from 1992 of Inner City (remixed by Kevin Saunderson himself and definitely influenced by his trips to the Midlands to work with Nexus 21 / Altern-8) and a track from the aforementioned year of 1991 from Confusion Club (an R&S white label that absolutely tore up dancefloors across the country and I still clearly remember hanging around after a night the Eclipse club to by my copy in Bangin Tunes in Coventry).

To top it all off, I’ve done a sly tribute to John Peel and dropped the Quintus Project at 45rpm rather than 33 (try that trick digital DJs without a bunch of plug-ins or some expensive studio software), after all rules are there to be broken.

I hope you enjoy the mix and even if you don’t try and open up your ears to music across the board, it will help with both your DJing and more importantly your production (which could lead me to buy your track, if it ever gets pressed on vinyl).

Peace out


Joris Voorn – When it Became Real [Green]
Craig Hamilton – Glasgow Acid [Robsoul]
Ben Sims Featuring Blake Baxter – I Wanna Go Back [Drumcode]
Exium – Complex (Rolando Remix) [Pole]
Ferrer & Hommen – No Difference [Objektivity]
Art Department Featuring Soul Clap & Osunlade – We Call It Love [Crosstown Rebels]
Rodriguez Jr. – Pandora [Leena Music]
Jolka – Life is Changing [Sect]
Jamal Moss Presents Kuba Sojka – Life Choice [Mathematics]
Mark Flash – King of Light [Underground Resistance]
Santiago Salazar – Varrio Clarkdale [Seventh Sign]
Okain – Corner Boys [Jetaime]
Gideon – Within Time [Third Wave Black]
Nowakowski – Pet in My Sea [Room With a View]
Terrence Parker & Claude Young – Untitled 1 [Vibes & Pepper]
Omar S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cops [FXHE]
Konstantin Sibold – Lief [Caramelo]
Boddika & Joy Orbison – Swims (Mix 1) [Swamp 81]
Back Pack Poets – Objective G [Electric Deluxe]
Seiji – Frustratin [Seiji]
Little Fritter & Zare – I Want it Back (Mr G’s Taking it Back Remix) [Hudd Trax]
Jackmate – Oval [Phil E]
Floorplan – Baby Baby [M-Plant]
Dark Energy – Atomic Witchdocta [Underground Resistance]
The Nighttripper – Phuture (Robert Hood Remix) [Underground Liberation]
Ricardo Miranda – 102point7 [Stilove4music]
Confusion Club – Move! [R&S]
Tralopscinor – Always Did, Always Will [Dekmantel]
Rob Glennon – Bass Shifter (Orlando Voorn remix) [Nice & Nasty]
Marcel Fengler – Sphinx [IMF]
LK – Meaning [RMXS]
Milos Pavlovic – Tranzistor [Momentum]
Steve Rachmad Presents Ignacio – Virton Upgraded [Music Man]
Reese – Baseline (Joris Voorn Mix 07) [Planet E / KMS]
Tony Lionni – Astroblack [Modelisme]
Orlando Voorn – Aftertouch [Triangle]
Morphology – Nucleosynthesis [AC]
Dusty Kid – Polybolo [Boxer]
Mpese Mpese Band – Mpese Theme (DrumTalk Remix) [Sofrito]
Cosmin TRG – Fizic [50 Weapons]
Greg Gow – Dearborn Dreams [Transmat]
G Man – Quo Vadis [Styrax]
Ultraviolet – Union (Stacey Pullen Remix) [Music Man]
Contakt – Not Forgotten [Local Action]
Phase – Morodem [Token]
Kevin Gorman – Cast [Curle]
Paul Mac – Odd Things Amount to Nothing [Applied Rhythm Technology]
Kramer – Let No Man Put Asunder [House Revenge]
Gabriel Ananda – Give Me Five [Basmati]
DJ Pierre – Stress or Justice (Timo Garcia Wonderlust Remix [Afro Acid]
Psycatron – Celestial Symphony (Supernova Remix) [Tronic]
Rag – Rage (Full Epic Version) [MOS]
Inner City – Unity (Reese North of Watford Mix) [Ten]
Sven Kacirek – Kayamba Tuc Tuc (Lawrence Edit) [Pingipung]
Photek – Complex [Photek]
Marcus Intalex – Stark [Dispatch]
Alix Perez – Crooklyn [Soul:R]
Subject 13 – Spirit Breakdown [Basement]
Terrence Dixon – Room 310 (Upperground Orchestra Sci Fi Mix) [Meakusma]
Quintus Project – Night Flight (Psychemagik) [Derwin]
Lord of the Isles – Rising Son [Ene]
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