Awkward Movements Sessions #41 – Who:Ratio

From day one of knowing who:ratio the man’s been an educator and proper vinyl figurehead. 2001 or 2002 was the year he gave me my first DJ Krush plate and blew my mind. Back then he was MCing and DJing with Foreign Dub, jungle crew from around Sydney, and spreading the love as far as he could.  He was also forcing us and those around him to experiment more with music in what we were playing and buying to appreciate. Now based in Romania, the concept behind this selection is an interesting as the mix itself.

First session from Romanian DJ who:ratio, purveyor of many things electronic and aloof comic book geek. This mix titled 120 Mix Principles (as in BPMs), taking it all back to the one tempo these tracks were designed to be played at, finely selected and layered / mixed / sequenced / transitioned / whatevers – digitally.

“If a wax mix is a meditation on music, than this is a study of that pre/post-meditation.

The idea behind the concept “mix principles / principles of mixing” is the study of and what is actually “mixing / beat-mixing music”? Before we had direct drive and analog pitch shifting to fine digital pitch adjust and now the oh-so-easy sync function, there was just the music and the mixer. In my slow acceptance of the digital format I found that I started to neglect the music and not pay as much attention to the tracks because it has become so easy to get … unlike when buying vinyl, storing it is just forking out for another hard-drive. So limiting myself to basic software(Toast 9) for making/sequencing/mixing the session, i’ve found myself really thinking and listening again to the pieces and how they fit or at least should sound together in order to tell the story. But without getting stuck into BS soap-box babble all i can say is that i still enjoy and have fun mixing”.

Sarp Yilmaz – My Baby Got to Go [Apparel Music]
Ugly Drums – Is It Worth It? [Quintessentials]
Christopher Rau – For You and for Me [Aim]
Aeromaschine – Not So [Baalsaal Records]
Prommer & Barck – Journey (KiNK Remix Hoez 2 Dollah Edit) [Derwin]
Vakula – Unthank 2_3 [Unthank]
Szare – Triplicate [Horizontal Ground]
Emptyset – Avichi [CLR]
Ozka – Square Beauty [Ann Aimee]
Lifes Track – Lifes Track 07 [Bosconi Records]
Stojche – Basement Rascal [Argumento Music Group]
Tom Trago – Once Upon A Time In Amsterdam [Rush Hour]
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