Awkward Movements Sessions #36 – Kamikaze


Over two hours of underground (and mostly electronical) goodness as Paul of Kamikaze steps in for a new Awkward Movements Sessions. Dropping some proper experimental joints in with some new favourites we’ve been vibing on or waiting to hear. Stoked that we introduced him to the term ‘regurgaplate’ last week and it’s now appeared in his blurb for the show. Ah, the universality of Sgt Pokes.

Greetings all. Container just won’t go away. This white vinyl monster on Spectrum Spools rears its head twice more in this edition for Awkward Movements Sessions. Astounded by the thing. And that Machinedrum album, better late than never, that, fo’ sure. And there’s a new Farben record, and that’s pretty special too.

Anyway, apart from those bits, be sure to tune in for some plucked and bowed loveliness from Julia Holter, Rachel’s, and Kid Koala, some beefy barrelhouse blues from Speckled Red, a little post-punk darkness from Ike Yard, and a beautiful slice of drone metal from Barn Owl.

Also this time, 2562 drops a hefty technoid belter, Mark Ernestus does his bit for the yellow-sleeved Honest Jons series, and Mississippi Corner is as action-packed as ever, with some astounding new finds from Madagaskira, Mali, Egypt, and The Deep South, whilst in dubland that Studio One DJ compilation continues to get a battering with tunes this time from Prince Far I and a literal scorcher from Count Machuki. The rudest track of the show comes courtesy of Hecker, but a close second comes from Angel, the noisy collaborative work of Dirk Dresselhaus and Ilpo Vaisanen on Editions Mego.

In other collaborations, Pleq gets busy with Marihiko Hara to devastatingly beautiful effect. Oh yeah, and I learnt a Pokesism last week – regurgaplate, a term the Sgt apparently uses to request that the DJ rewinds the tune he’s jabbering over the top of at any given time. Now for me this is the finest word on the planet, and a perfect excuse to kick-start a repeat slot for tunes that simply refuse to go away. First return to the vomitdeck is for Function, and his spectacular remix of Gregor Tresher. Please don’t let my unseasonably slow responses put you off two of the finest hours of music you’ll hear all week.

Peace out x

Container – Overflow [Spectrum Spools]
Farben – Parada [Faitiche]
Mark Ernestus – Mark Ernestus Meets BBC [Honest Jon’s]
Count Machuki – More Scorcha [Soul Jazz]
L’Orchestre National de la Republique du Mali – Janfa [Mississippi]
Unknown – Tromba A Diego [Mississippi]
Ike Yard – Night After Night [Acute]
Barn Owl – Light Echoes [Thrill Jockey]
Angel – Before The Rush [Editions Mego]
Pleq & Marihiko Hara – One Last Dream Of Being On This Universe [Twisted Treeline]
Julia Holter – Introduction [Leaving]
Kid Koala – Speed Of Light [Ninja Tune]
Rachel’s – Third Self-Portrait Series [Quarterstick]
Function – Through The Shadow Glass (Remix of Gregor Tresher) [Break New Soil]
Mahmoud Ahmed – Neshtie [Mississippi]
Prince Far I – Natty Farmyard [Soul Jazz]
Fred McDowell – Going Down To The River [Mississippi]
Speckled Red – The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo [Magpie]
Container – Protrusion [Spectrum Spools]
2562 – Acquatic Family Affair (Extended Re-Cut) [When In Doubt]
Machinedrum – Come1 [Planet Mu]
Hecker – Stocha Acid Zlook [Pan]
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