Awkward Movements Sessions #30 – Kamikaze


It’s impossible to get bored of what Kamikaze does. Paul Ackroyd on his lonesome once more, managing to fit in 2 hours worth of radio from all eras and worldwide locations that’s absolutely mind-bending in many ways. No idea how to generalise the first part of the show that opens with soukous and highlife before somehow moving in to experimental sound, with the sessions than going through to electronic minimal and the fringes of techno. A proper journey narrated by the biggest record fiend we know. Incidentally this photo was taken a year and a half ago, the wax has somewhat grown since then.

The show’s are coming in fast and thick, with Timmy K dropping the next instalment in a week’s time, part 2 from Jimmy Monsta Funk which is set to be the techno edition and as always a load more guest mixes on their way. So much goodness on the way, including AWK004 (Chairman Kato) which is being cut at the mastering lab as this is being typed.

Kamikaze’s back on decks for the next instalment of Awkward Movements Sessions. This time round tune in to hear bits from the new Deepchord, Rrose/Bob Ostertag, and Andy Stott albums, new singles from NKC, Miles and Badawi, plus a load of classic soukous and highlife from Kanda Bongo Man, The Ramblers International, and Dr Sir Warrior & The Oriental Brothers International, some Madagaskiran guitar from Guy Rabivelo, and a monster of a Southern Indian piece from Palghat Raghu, V. V. Subramaniam, & K. V. Narayanaswamy. Oh yeah, and a bit of Maurizio Bianchi, Cyclo, Evol, Refik Bey, and Fennesz for good measure…

Kanda Bongo Man – Sango [Nascente]
Dr Sir Warrior & The Oriental Brothers International – Ilhe Chinyenre [Vampi Soul]
The Ramblers International – Muntie (Highlife Charanga) [Vampi Soul]
Guy Rabearivelo – Oh Ye [Mississippi]
Refik Bey – Chataraban Taxim [Mississippi]
Palghat Raghu, V. V. Subramaniam, K. V. Narayanaswamy – Minakshi [Nonesuch]
Bob Ostertag – Arms & Legs (Original) [Sandwell District]
Cyclo – id#10 [Raster Noton]
Badawi – More Schnitzel [Index]
NKC – Sellout [Forefront]
Maurizio Bianchi – Belzec [Sterile]
Deepchord – City Centre/Crimson [Soma]
Evol – Party Boobytrap [Alku]
Fennesz – Happy Audio [Mego]
Miles – Flawed [Modern Love]
Andy Stott – North To South [Modern Love]
Rrose/Bob Ostertag – Arms & Legs (Variation Two) [Sandwell District]
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