Awkward Movements Sessions #24 – Kamikaze

Going solo once more, the record machine that is Kamikaze steps on decks for the latest Awkward Movements Sessions. Showcasing a side we haven’t seen much of on the sessions for a while, he goes deep in to his dub and vintage collection, dropping in some Peaking Lights and Ras G along the way, ending on some mental Yellowman. I know we talk about tastes from all genres but Paul goes deep in all genres and eras, and it’s mad respect for him to be able to pull joints like this as the show keeps recording, throwing the initial plan out the window and dropping only on wax as always.

For those that haven’t been following get on the mailing list (get on it by dropping him a line, as he’s doing crazy amounts of new radio a week, which we’ll be catching up on in the coming days.

I had a massive show planned out ready to record for this one, but when I started with Jerry Jones it took me in a completely different direction. Instead of the intended pile of minimal techno and electronica records, tune in to hear the likes of Bo Diddley, George Coleman, Angela Prince, Yellowman, The Observers, Nitty Gritty, and a whole load more…

Jerry Jones – There’s A Chance For Me [Soul Jazz]
Bo Diddley – Mr Khrushchev [Pye]
Golden Tones Of Savannah – I Will Answer When The Roll Is Called [Mississippi]
King Kong – Step Pon Mi Corn [Firehouse]
Nitty Gritty – Can’t Test Me [Black Victory/Madison]
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Rockers [Poobah]
George Coleman – Transistor Radio [Mississippi]
Trio Tipico Paraguayo de Felix Perez Cardosa – Parajo Campana [Parlortone]
Mark Fell – Manitutshu (New Algorithm) [Editions Mego]
Rev Louis Overstreet – Yeah Lord, Jesus Is Able [Mississippi]
Theatre Of Hate – Do You Believe In The Westworld [Burning Rome]
Peaking Lights – Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) [Not Not Fun]
Angela Prince – No Bother With No Fuss [Soul Jazz]
Bernard Odongu – Obala Jimmy [Honest Jon’s]
The Observers – Differnt Fashion [Dee Jay]
Yellowman – Zungu Zungu [Jah Guidance]
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