Awkward Movements Sessions #21 – Kamikaze DJs (Paul)

With Kieron still on electronic sabbatical up north, the other half of Kamikaze DJs and wax connoisseur Paul Ackroyd flew solo for Awkward Movement Sessions #21. An hour of vinyl purism that not only flows but individually can be the starting point for any number of underground tangents you choose to indulge.

In other news the distributors are down to the last batch of AWK003 (no repress) – NKC’s 12″ offering of Marie / Ghettotechno –  which has been getting more and more drops and props as it gets restocked throughout the land. We’ve also been fortunate to be getting some exciting developments on our next plate. Nothing out the bag until the product is delivered, but two of our favourite producers – one a Detroit legend and another the most interesting soundcrafter in the UK – step on board for what’s going to be an amazingly unique project.

We’ll wait for the finished product before tossing around names even of what the originals are, but it’s going to be big, so check back to stay updated. 🙂

It’s Kamikaze’s turn in the Awkward Movements hotseat again, and there’s an absolute feast of quality tuneage on display here. Classic pieces from the likes of Bo Diddley, Hecker, Ramon & The Crystalites and Kid Koala nestle rather agreeably alongside brand spanking new pieces from The Deeep, Hype Williams, Panda Bear, 2562, Blawan, and Cyclo. All that, and there’s a big ol’ slab of Keith Fullerton Whitman in there too. Oh yeah, and as soon as you click ‘play’ you get Bong Ra’s version of Me Israelites. You’d be a fool to miss it…

Bong Ra – Murder You (Ruff Inna Jungle remix) [Klangbad]
Hype Willams – B4 [Hippos In Tanks]
Cyclo – id#05 [Raster Noton]
Blawan – Bohla [R&S]
Panda Bear – Surfers Hymn [Kompakt]
Hecker – Quantum Spark Reality (Recherche – Creation – Diffusion mix) [Pan]
Keith Fulllerton Whitman – Disingenuousness [Pan]
Bo Diddley – Crackin’ Up [Chess]
U Roy with Ramon & The Crystalites – Golden Chickens [Trojan]
Kid Koala – Like Irregular Chickens [Ninja Tune]
2562 – Wasteland [When In Doubt]
The Deeep – Muddy Tracks [100% Silk]
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