Awkward Movements Sessions #20 – Keith P

Apologies for the mad delay between shows this time around – it’s been all hands on deck with the recent release of AWK003, NKC‘s debut outing on 12″. Big ups to all who’ve been showing his tracks love from from around the globe, and to them who’ve gotten in touch from dropping both ‘Marie‘ and ‘Ghettotechno‘ in to their sets. Shouts to Benny and the crew at Kudos for getting it in to every corner of the world.

So that’s where we’ve been. But with the sun coming out for Easter holidays it was too nice not to open up a window and get on decks yesterday. Now 20 show deeps, massive respect to Hash and fam for hosting myself, Raynulds and Kamikaze DJs on rotation – and a thank you to all who’ve contributed guest mixes in the time we’ve been doing it.

Also for those not checking the site often, you can now embed shows and tweet the planet with them.

Keith P on decks for the 20th show for Awkward Movements Sessions, and a proper journey it turned in to. With the sun out, it was one of those record sessions that just felt right and flowed naturally…to the point of forgetting to introduce tracks until halfway through.

Nothing but wax for the first half busting through some summer time house and boogie vibes from Fudge Fingas, the mysterious Love Unlimited collective, Floating Points, Head High aka Shed and that limited plate from Dehnert, amongst others. Going on to some forthcoming bits from Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid label, Vessel about to drop on Left Blank and the incredible vocals of Zaki Ibrahim forthcoming on 2nd Drop.

With some Theo Parrish and Mr Raoul K mixed in as well and ending on one of our favourite new artists, Chairman Kato, the show crosses most of what we’ve learnt about in the first 19 sessions, and with the discovery of more music, hopefully crossing some of the boundaries between what gets played out and what’s dropped at home.

Fudge Fingas – What Do You Do? [Prime Numbers]
Unknown Artist – Luv.One [Love Unlimited VIbes]
Floating Points – Sais Dub [Eglo]
Maulin feat. Amenta – Deeper Than The Sun [Hotep]
Photek – This City [Photek Productions]
Head High – It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion Remix) [H2 Recordings]
Mike Dehnert – 2.3.3 [MD]
Semtek – West Acyd Shelter (Photonz Remix) [forthcoming on Don’t Be Afraid]
Theo Parrish – Voice Echoes In The Dark [NDATL Muzik]
Mr Raoul K – Japan Japon [Mule Musiq]
LV & Message to Bears feat. Zaki Ibrahim (Charlie Dark’s Longtime Remix) [forthcoming on 2nd Drop Records]
Vessel – Blushes [forthcoming on Left Blank]
Eliphino – Don’t Try Be [Hoya Hoya]
Chairman Kato – Streets Of Rage [Pictures Music]
Download link: