Awkward Movements Sessions #17 – Denovo

We’re proper excited about bringing you this one, as we’ve been hanging out to hear it ourselves for a while. In fact I think Denovo (back when he was known as Fost) may have been one of the first artists we asked for a guest mix from…and like all good DJs he’s made us wait for it. 🙂 As expected though, it’s been well worth it, and in all fairness he’s still delivered earlier than most.

We first linked the Sheffield based DJ for a techdubstep mini-mix he bombed up on his Soundcloud, and in the four months later he’s kicked it up a notch or two. The descriptions we tend to throw around like deep and technical don’t do his offering for Awk Mo Sessions justice. This show is hands down essential listening, and hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him this year.

Stepping up for the first guest mix of 2011 comes Denovo out of Sheffield, dropping an set on us for Awkward Movements Sessions #17. Laced with unreleased and forthcoming joints, taking us from tech to dubstep in a complete flowing journey of bass, Denovo presents us with a  hour of dope underground music.

Unsigned bits from the likes of Isotroph and Self Evident sit beside some forthcoming heat on Freshmore and Flaming Idiot as well as some of the scene’s favourites and most slept on courtesy of DJG, Rebel Sonix and F on 7even Recordings.

Isotroph – Crossroads [Unreleased]
Rebel Sonix – Psydstep [Eight:FX]
TKR – The Devil in Me [Biggerdubz]
Boot – Space Destroy Energy [Stoke Audio]
TKR – Duck & Cover [Stoke Audio]
DJG – Bare Hands ft Kommodo [White]
B.Laing – Axe (VIP) [Party Guy Records]
DJ Cure & Self Evident – Continuum V1 [Unsigned]
Rush’d – Sunchase [Unreleased]
Self Evident – A Secret Place [Unsigned]
Tanka & Admin – Andromeda Road [Unreleased]
Jack Dixon – I Let You [Silverback Recordings]
Zoltan – Pawnoramics – Mock the Zuma remix [Forthcoming Freshmore]
Stikkman – In My Life – Admin remix [Forthcoming Flaming Idiot]
Rush’d – Metro 8 [Monkey Dub Recording]
Paraphonic – Vilaltic [Unsigned]
F – Hologram [7even Recordings]
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