Awkward Movements Sessions #16 – Kamikaze DJs

There’s been a load of dope music dropping from a variety of sources lately, it’s hard to stay on top of it all, but Kamikaze DJs have proper outdone themselves this time round. Probably my favorite Awkward Movements Sessions dropped to date they manage to flow in some reggae with their electronica, and choirs with their techno, whilst keeping it relevant and interesting. I’ve not confirmed but I’m pretty sure you can hear Paul making use of his Kaoss Pad throughout the show too.

As far as the shows go we’ve got a deep leveled guest mix dropping next week (or sooner) from Denovo which I can’t wait to get up. He’s going to be kicking off some killer guest mixes we’ve got on the go, including Daojia in the coming weeks, who incidentally is still in the lab for his upcoming wax release.

While we’re on the record tip, London based producer NKC joins Awk Mo fam for AWK003 and the plate’s going to be dropping in the next month or so. We’ve been keeping it tight, but after double checking the tps we’ll get the clips up asap. This one’s going to be as limited as they get, and we’re shying away from the hype on it, so keep your ear to the ground to get your hands on it.

Kamikaze DJs return with a new show for the Awkward Movements rotation on Samurai FM. In this edition, brand new tracks from Sepalcure, Guiseppe Ielasi, 1000Names, Bakey Ustl, and White Ring, classic tunes from Reggie Stepper, Bookmiller Shannon, Chevron, and the United Sacred Harp Convention, and a shedload of wicked tunes from Salva, Stephen Farris, DJ Rashad, and a whole load more. Also on the show, a couple of tracks from the New Folder collective out in Copenhagen, remix exchanges between Oscar McClure and Sum Sun, Chevron and Shitmat, Gonjasufi and Shlohmo, and Airhead and Nick Hoppner, and an absolute belter of a tribal dub piece from Demdike Stare…

Sepalcure – No Think [Hot Flush]
Demdike Stare – Hashshashin Chant [Modern Love]
Stephen Farris – Sky Trackers [The Analogue Quadrant]
1000Names – Kaleidoscope [Black Acre]
Guiseppe Ielasi – Untitled [Dekorder]
Untied Sacred Harp Convention – The Last Words Of Copernicus [Mississippi]
Nabo – The Old Sega [Hobby Industries]
Reggie Stepper – Police Ina Jamaica [Sweet Beat]
Marcus Schmickler – Quasi Segratative [Editions Mego]
Bakey Ustl – Nose Candy [Unthank]
Nick Hoppner – Paper Street (Remix of Airhead) [Brainmath]
Bookmiller Shannon – The Eighth Of January [Mississippi]
DJ Rashad – Who Da Coldest [Planet Mu]
Salva – Wake Ups [Frite Nite]
Shlohmo – Change (Remix Of Gonjasufi) [Warp]
Chevron – Gary’s Gruesome Garage (Remix of Shitmat) [Planet Mu]
Aslope – Mercury Mouth [Hobby Industries]
White Ring – IXC999 [Robot Elephant]
Sum Sun – Leaves (Remix of Oscar McClure) [Leaving Records]
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