Awkward Movements Sessions #12 (Part 1) – Kamikaze DJs

Always on the move, Kamikaze DJs are serving up another massive helping of tunes for us. Split across two one-hour shows, here’s the first part of Awkward Movements Sessions #12.

While we’re on the Sessions tip, in response/on a tangent to a recent thread Dodger Man‘s just delivered a dope 35 min mix that we’ll be bombing up on the other side of the weekend.

Kamikaze enters its 32nd hour, and that means it’s time for us Kamikaze DJs to return to the plate for the 12th edition of the Awkward Movements Sessions. The first hour features a large chunk of techno and funky, with tunes from Seiji, Breach, Doc Daneeka, Martyn, Jared Wilson, and the ubiquitous Boomslang by LV and Okmalumkoolkat; and we take a little peak at this developing witch house scene, with tracks from oOoOO and Balam Acab. Also in this part of the show, Shed does drum n bass, Borngraber and Struver remix Conrad Schnitzler, and Dem Hunger gets to work on Gonjasufi. If all of that weren’t enough for you though, we still managed to fit in bangers from Kondens, Paul White, Machine Drum, and the spectacular new Mika Vainio single.

Part two will be with you in the coming days, and, as ever, is action-packed with musical goodness…

Kondens – Ruddock Rave [Kontra-Musik]
Balam Acab – See Birds [Tri Angle]
Dem Hunger – Suzie Q (Remix of Gonjasufi) [Warp]
Paul White – Pride [One-Handed]
LV and Okmalumkoolkat – Boomslang [Hyperdub]
Seiji – Weedkiller [Seiji]
Breach – Man Up [PTN]
Doc Daneeka – Hold On [Ramp]
Jared Wilson – Overture (Remix of Skudge) [Skudge]
Martyn – You Don’t Wash (Remix of Kode9) [K7]
Machine Drum – Mean Mean [Lucky Me]
Mika Vainio – It’s A Muthang [Comfort Zone]
oOoOO – Burnout Eyess [Tri Angle]
Shed – Leave Things [Ost Gut Ton]
Borngraber and Struver – Zug (Remix of Conrad Schnitzler) [M=Minimal]
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