Awkward Movements on NTS – 9.7.16

Love a good Container photo. The man otherwise known as Ren Schofield is in to his own brand of techno possibly even more than we are. And it always seems to come out best live.

The new Container plate it just the tip of the iceberg for records we’ve been getting excited about lately. So much good music coming through at the moment or that we’ve been hoarding and just catching up on.

New stuff from Brown Irvin and Copeland & Gast set us up to go through some of the more abstract house pieces we’ve been holding on to of late including Space Dimension Controller, Trus’Me and Ibrahim Alfa on Workshop.

Mala, Nerftoss, Seekersinternational, and BEAK> all have crazy good plates out as well as new drops on The Trilogy Tapes, Presto?! and NNA that all got us hyped. 29 tracks across the two hours, hope you dig it.

Grab a rewind of our last show below, in which we bust through these and many more, complete with track list. For anyone after the mp3 edition get in touch as always.

Brown Irvin – Bay Fog [Motion Ward]
Copeland & Gast – Sisters Of Control (Version) [All Bone]
Gultskra Artikler – Shipping Details to Track 1 [Opal Tapes]
Space Dimension Controller – Los Locos [Ninja Tune]
Trus’Me – The Unexplained [Prime Numbers]
Ibrahim Alfa – We Can Never Go Home… [Workshop]
Object Agency No Human Fluids [Kit Records]
Magnus P.I – Search It Out [On The Corner Records]
Mala – Inga Gani [Brownswood Recordings]
DJ Voilà – Drinks [1080p]
Nerftoss – Bender [NNA Tapes]
Seekersinternational – WakeUp! Dub [Bokeh Versions]
Seekersinternational – Closer Dub [Bokeh Versions]
Shinichi Atobe – World 3 [DDS]
BEAK> – Flax Bourton [Invada]
Tropa Macaca – Pelos Olhos De Osiris [The Trilogy Tapes]
Orka – Blik [Kervið]
Graham Dunning – Fictional Toxins [Seagrave]
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Grischa Lichtenberger – 4 Percent (Maurice) [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
Parris – Skeletal [Ancient Monarchy]
Randomer – My Ears Hurt [Dekmantel]
EVOL – Do These Eleven [Presto!?]
Coco Bryce – Fire [Myor Massiv]
DJ Qu – Visitation [Strength Music Recordings]
Brassfoot – Satan Was Scared to Look [Bio Rhythm]
Fox/Soper Duo – L [NNA Tapes]
Helm – Olympic Mess (N1L Remix) [PAN]
Container – Funnel [Diagonal]
Quirke – Sa45 Circles [Whities Records]