Awkward Movements on NTS – 7.8.16

With our next show going out this weekend thought we’d see how late we could leave it before getting the archive up for the last one. Not really, but any excuse will do. Track list and archive here for the Awkward Movements on NTS that was broadcast at the start of the month. Reach out for the download link.

Had to play the latest Adrian Sherwood collection twice, though probably could have gone the whole thing. Sherwood At The Controls Vol 2 is definitely worth picking up if you’ve not done so already.

Couple of other stunning LPs appeared including Treatment Works from Beattie Cobell, John Roberts on Brunette Editions, Kassem Mosse on Honest Jon’s and an unexpected blues jam from Vakula taken from his Dekmantel LP.

Stuck on tapes still too, with casette releases from Blue Tapes and Bokhari Records making their way in along with a few other bandcamp pickups. Sometimes shit just sounds better on reels.

Stacks of fun as always, packed with so many good tunes. Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze back hosting on Saturday, get locked in.

unfollow – Half Blu [Blue Tapes]
Lemme Kno – Way (188 Krew Mix) [Unthank]
The Beatnigs – Television (Dance Mix) [On-U Sound]
John Roberts – Fumes [Brunette Editions]
Cut Chemist feat. Edan – Mean Gene []
Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Walo Walo Rhythm [Ndagga]
Kuf – While [Macro]
Rinf – Big Bondage (Kinky Sex Wet Mix) [On-U Sound]
Xaõ Seffcheque – Kassa-Bubu [Kess Kill]
NHK yx Koyxen – 943 [L.I.E.S.]
Nonkeen – The Journey of Hello Peter [R&S Records]
Sote – Krom Uth [Ge-stell]
Beattie Cobell – Gate Clock [More Than Human]
DJ N.K. – Ghetto Sound of Lisbon [Lit City Trax]
Paterson – Guwiyang [Bokhari Records]
Computer Graphics – Experiment [Car Crash Set]
A Taut Line – Burleigh St. [Disktopia]
Special Request – Reset It (Head High Real Mix) [XL Recordings]
Hieroglyphic Being & The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio – The Outernothingness [Mathematics]
Kassem Mosse – Chilazon 2 [Honest Jon’s]
Trikk – Esplendor [Optimo Trax]
Sarathy Korwar – Lost Parade [Ninja Tune x Steve Reid Foundation]
Hype Williams – BREWING []
Hidden Spheres – Land [Rhythm Section International]
Vakula – Gomeisa Blues [Dekmantel]
Elysia Crampton & Chino Amobi – Children of Hell [Break Worls Records]
Roger van Lunteren – DSP Cgn [Diffuse Reality]