Awkward Movements on NTS 5/3/2012

Myself and Paul Ackroyd were back in session at NTS yesterday for our monthly Awkward Movements show, serving up all kinds of goodness on wax. Besides some mic issues (ie it not turning off – thankfully we had a rant free couple of hours) it was quality. We actually ended staying on an extra hour, though the back announcing and tracklist stops after our usual two hour slot, 2-4pm. Back on air April 2nd then again at the end of the month on the 30th.

Download, stream and/or share the show below, tracklist underneath.

George Coleman – Transistor Radio [Mississippi Records]
Kyoka – 23 iSH [Raster Norton]
Original Lo-Fi – Robotic Spider [Vienna Wildstyle]
Disrupt – Events Occur In Realtime [Police In Helicopter]
Unit Moebius Anonymous – Perambulator One (A2) [Chan Records]
Le Super Djata Band Du Mali – Batila [Musique Mondiale]
Harmonious Thelonious – Drums Of Steel [Asafa]
Tommy Four Seven – Talus (Original) [CLR]
Slant Azymuth – Black Crolyn [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
Jeff Mangum – Orange Twin Field Works Vol. 1 (excerpt of Bulgarian field recordings) [Orange Twin]
A. Papadzis – The Bohoris [Mississippi records]
Marika Papagika – Smyrneiko Minore [Dust To Digital]
Unknown Performers – Pehlivan Havasi [Tompkins Square]
DJ Diamond – Speakerz ‘n’ Tonguez [Planet Mu]
Marcus Schmickler – Bari Workshop (excerpt from side B) [Presto!?]
Sid Hemphill Band – Jesse James [Sutro Park]
Phillppe Petit – In Tokyo Henry Spencer Is Fine [Aagoo]
Tortoise – Monica [reissue on Thrill Jockey]
Stefan Blomeier – Popular Electronics II [Research Laboratory]
Porter Ricks – Biokinetics 1 [Type Records]
Sad City – Night Time Trail [Underwater Peoples Records]
DSCRD – L’Envers Des Clefs I [Dement3d]
Giuseppe Ielasi – Untitled 2011 (Track 5) [Entr’acte]
Expressway Yo-yo Dieting – Bubblethug (excerpt from side D) [Weird Forest]
Metamono – XeF4 [Ho Hum Records]
Jacaszek – [Ghostly International]