Awkward Movements on NTS – 31.10.15 (The Ras G Special)

The weekend’s Awkward Movements show on NTS was a two-hour tribute to the man Ras G. Beatsmith originator, dimensional traveller, afrofuturist, vegan raw ambassador – we’ll stop there as there’s to much ground to cover with this man’s description.

Heavily influenced by the cosmic teachings of Sun Ra (just check the his samples for proof), Ras G’s forged his own path through the beat scene since day one. In fact, tying him to a named scene like that seems cruel, as he remains one of the only cats associated with it that seems to be pushing music as opposed to loops.

After Ghetto Sci Fi dropped in 2008 I was calling Poobah in LA trying to track down Ras G, looking for copies of the Day and Night EP he’d done with Black Monk. Paul’s been obsessed with the man for a few years now too, and given his output you can see why we never grow tired of grabbing new plates or cassettes.

Ras G’s main tools of the trade remains the SP-404 and a 1200. There’s a semi-decent interview / studio tour with him up here worth checking too:

From a catalogue spanning about fifteen full lengths in the last five years, a stack of various 12’s, 7’s and EPs on a few different labels and countless mixes and collabs, Paul pulled out 50 tracks from his own collection for the show.

Stream it all below, get in touch for the download. Yours truly back in session on the 14th for NTS, make sure you’re locked in.

Ras G – Back On The Planet
Ras G – PadThai (No Fish Sauce Pls)
Ras G – Leave!!
Ras G – Juju
Ras G – Veggie Thugs Anthem
Ras G – Disco 4000
Ras G – Bruce Leroy Glow
Ras G – Crate Creator Dub
Ras G – Exile
Ras G – (Shrooms)
Ras G – Timekeeper
Ras G – Spaceship On Cruise Control
Ras G – _G Spot Connection
Ras G – Starting Riddim
Ras G – Crate Creator Riddim Three
Ras G – Crenshaw And King
Ras G – Bell Beez
Ras G – Juju
Ras G – South Central Matrix
Ras G – Trying 2 Get Chips…
Ras G – Sleepy Dinosaur
Ras G – Jus Feel
Ras G – Fa Sho
Ras G – Brasilintime Gmix
Ras G – Fake Nice Friends
Ras G – Shinelight
Ras G – Future’s Past
Ras G – Dishwater
Ras G – Find Yaself
Ras G – Da Hipster Hummus
Ras G – Sunrise
Ras G – Discipline 09-2
Ras G – Tha Message
Ras G – Blackman My Brother
Ras G – Beta Israel
Ras G – Beats Of Mind
Ras G – Bell Beez Record
Ras G – Fatcat
Ras G – Rendered…
Ras G – All Out Fuck It
Ras G – One 4 Steve EL
Ras G – Ras G’s Theme
Ras G – Holly Hood + A Where Dem Trees
Ras G – Houseparty
Ras G – Los Angeles
Ras G – Sike Ya Life
Ras G – Walk With Me
Ras G – Discipline 09-1
Ras G – Waiting In Vain
Ras G – Broken Cartridge