Awkward Movements on NTS – 26.6.15

The weekend’s Awkward Movements show for NTS now up on archive for those that missed it on the airwaves or just a fancy a replay.

So many records, so little time. Probably would have cracked the 30-track mark if it hadn’t been for the lengthy masterpiece thrown up by /f, but all said and done we’re well chuffed to have been playing his music; the guy’s an underrated master of electronic sound.

Kicked off with a bit of bass and dub from Shackleton, Becoming Real, Egoless and what’s becoming the obligatory offerings from Seekersinternational (above), appearing back to back with cassingle version and with a cut from the new album. And talking of wicked albums Editions Mego have rereleased their first ever drop on the label, General Magic & Pita. Also worth shouting out is the Dr. Yen Lo full length, Ben Zimmerman’s archive release on Software and the new Moritz Von Oswald Trio – cracking LPs the lot of them.

dyLAB blessed us with some newness – labels get on it, feel free to reach out for details – and we went on our usual cassette rampage featuring DJ Kassir, Smurphy, Unknown Mobile and Your Planet Is Next who all featured via our favourite walkman fitting format.

Loads more goodness, too much to name, hope you dig it all. As usual reach out via email for the mp3 version. Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze back in session the weekend after next bound to be dope as always.

Shackleton – Untitled [DDS]
Becoming Real – Tibetan Moves [Transgressive Records]
Seekersinternational – GyalCircuit (Gulls meets SKRS inna BORDERCLAH VERSION) [Boomarm Nation]
Seekersinternational – ShockoutGetWashout [Boomarm Nation]
Egoless – Dub Dedication [Lion Charge Records]
General Magic & Pita – Shuffle Fridge [Editions Mego]
Smurphy – J A R D Í N [Leaving Records]
Jeremiah Jae – Shankpanna [Black Jungle Squad]
Dr. Yen Lo – Day 1125 [Pavlov Institute Records]
Strategy – Blackberry’s Dream [Idle Hands]
Ras G – Spacebase Identification (ft. Kahil Sadiq) [Leaving Records]
/f – 0ks09 ga0dvj9 (fjvnf) fi902 +94~ovis.v+@)3 =V []
Ben Zimmerman – Pausebreak pt. 4 [Software]
CDR – ?????????? [Not On Label / Self Released]
BNJMN – Chromed [Brack]
dyLAB – Reaping [Unreleased]
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Sounding Line 6 [Honest Jon’s Records]
DJ Kassir – U Know What To Do [John’s Kingdom]
Menchess – Mitsubishi Song [Goon Club Allstars]
A Taut Line – Warned Off [Fullfirdge Music]
Errorsmith & Mark Fell – Cuica Digitales [PAN]
Sparky – 94Archive6/12 [Rubadub]
Unknown Mobile – K (3 Mile Mix) [Summer Cool Music]
Your Planet is Next – Ursula and Sabina [Grafiti Tapes]
Ssaliva – Terror Beam [Bepotel Records]
Pye Corner Audio – Machines are Obsolete [Ghost Box]
Best Available Technology – Neon Razor Chain [Left Blank]