Awkward Movements on NTS – 25.6.16

Hey, better late than never yeah? Archive here for the Awkward Movements show on NTS a few weeks back with Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze on selection duties.

Loads of killer techno and experimental pieces from the likes of DVA Damas (pictured above), Rrose and Matmos appear, with The Egyptian Lover managing to make it in the mix on the disco tip. Somehow the whole thing swings around to include composer Harry Partch, accordion maestro Pauline Oliveros and known piano destroyer Annea Lockwood as the final three pieces played.

Proper mixed bag of tracks, coming together in a way that only Paul can pull off.

Full track list and stream below; get in touch for the download as always. We’ll be going out again tonight on NTS, lock in.

Perfume Advert – Mirror Shield [1080p]
DVA Damas – Clear Cut [Downwards]
Sepalcure – No Gonna Make It [Hotflush]
Buz Ludzha – The Third Mantra [Tape Throb]
Ccolo – Ghanaafreekaboom Dub [Multi culti]
Linear Movement – Why Did You Have To Go [Minimal Wave]
The Egyptian Lover – Yes, Yes, yes [Stones Throw]
Doug Wimbish/Fats Comet – Don’t Forget That Beat [On U Sound]
Tackhead – Mind At The End Of The Tether [On U Sound]
Gilb’r – Cham (Giolb’r & DJ Sotofett version two) [Versatile]
The Gods Planet – Glimpse [TGP]
Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine [Sandwell District]
Karel Goeyvaerts – (excerpt) Op Acht Paarden Wedden [Cackophonic]
Matmos – Banquet for King Ludwig II of Bavaria [Matador]
Harry Partch – Barstow [Sony]
Pauline Oliveros – Three Pieces III [Important]
Annea Lockwood – Fridingen To Ulm [Lovely]