Awkward Movements on NTS – 2.5.15

Week before last’s Awkward Movements show on NTS here, originally broadcast 2nd of the month. Out to everyone who locked in and helped me battle illness with loads of good tunes, especially the synth collecting peanut gallery who as always made their presence known.

Despite starting off with some Tony Allen and Bruce Ditmas we were soon descending in to dark synths and beat tapes. for the first part of the show. Worth pointing out that the cassette purchasing is officially out of control. Though it did bring us the brilliant Virtual Flannel / Iller The Abstract Giraffe split, as well as Roy Of The Ravers, DJ Fultono and Foodman to name a few, with the last two on Orange Milk helping me get some footwork in.

Stoked to play Nochexxx and radiokoala (pictured above) back-to-back across a few tracks. Two of my favourite artists with killer new releases out at the moment, Plot Defender and Whoop-De-Do respectively. Definitely worth checking if you’ve not done already.

In the efforts of full disclosure should also let you know that we mistimed the last plate and ran out of record causing us to be left with time. Probably worked out well through as they were filled with some epic techno from the unpronounceable Σ.

Stream below and as always get in touch for the mp3 version. Big ups everyone locking in as always! Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze returns to decks for the next show going out this weekend via NTS.

Tony Allen – African Man (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix) [Jazz Village]
Ekoplekz – Jazz The 403 [In The Dark Again]
Iller – Rewire [Dirty Tapes]
Bruce Ditmas – Side Looking Radar Image [Finders Keepers]
Automat & Max Loderbauer – Kompressor [Selekt / Bureau B]
B/B/S/ – NK012A02 [Umor Rex]
Eecee – Cosmic Trigger [Don’t Be Afraid]
Virtual Flannel – Running Away Together [Dirty Tapes]
Build Buildings – Healthy Bones (Original Mix) [Audiobuld Records]
Live Low – Decay [Tesla Tapes]
Fischerle & Micromelancolié – Nature’s Beastlies Bluff [Adventures In Dubbing]
Lifted – Total Care Zero [PAN]
Skrsintl x MX7 x Mysteryforms – Radio Repairman [ICS Library Records]
Nochexxx – Infected People [Type]
radiokoala – Canary [2:00AM Tapes]
Nochexxx – Leading Bleeds [Type]
radiokoala – Frontpage [2:00AM Tapes]
Rezzett – Twizzta [The Trilogy Tapes]
Foodman – Majidesu Monogatari [Orange Milk Records]
DJ Fultono – My Mind Beats (feat. D.J.G.O.) [Orange Milk Records]
RP Boo – Try 2 Break [Planet Mu]
DJ Nigga Fox – LUMI [Warp]
Roy of the Ravers – Rave Time (Not a Crime Mix) [Acid Waxa]
The Cyclist – Heart of Stone [Music Is For Losers]
K2 (Kero & Kyle Hall) – Ep2-3 [Detroit Underground]
Σ – Objectness [Unterton]