Awkward Movements on NTS – 24.8.15

Once again, as standards, apologies for delay in getting this up. It’s been a hectic week and as we’re still travelling it’ll likely be the last post for about a fortnight. But couldn’t get on the plane without getting up the archive here for Awkward Movements on NTS last week.

Cassettes were once again coming out our ears with drops from Echo Wanderer, Augenmusik, IXTAB, Fischerle, yuk and Eheieh Oo among them. Ramzi’s Houti Kush and Selected Amiga​/​BBC Micro Works 85​-​92 from Max Tundra both got played twice, two of the finest releases of the year to date no doubt.

Field recordings from David Toop, the living legend Mike Cooper (pictured above), Kerridge destroying an amen break, Clock DVA and of course some Tapes among all those that were also mixed in. A heap of experimental pieces mixed with some floor stuff, hope you dig it.

Full stream below with the track list underneath it, get in touch for the download link as always. Big ups to everyone who locked in or about to. Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze selecting for you next weekend.

Oh, and to respond to the masses of fan mail (a number between 1 – 1000) regarding our new show photo; it’s still Paul and I together doing this. Yours truly wasn’t available for the new show photos so you’ll have to imagine the rugged good looks until we sort out a new one.

Tapes – Helix Dub [EM Records]
Max Tundra – Papiergarcon [Marvellous Tone]
Echo Wanderer – Phobia [PDXINDUBTING]
Jack Sparrow – Where Am I [Deep Medi Musik]
Ramzi – Lands of Kush [1080p]
Pekka Airaksinen – Sukirti [Arc Light Editions]
Lori Vambe – Drumsong (One) [Jazzman]
Mike Cooper – Street Beneath the Beach [Room40]
Arnold Dreyblatt – Lucky Stryke [Black Truffle]
Eheieh Oo – Chy Me Mae [Diatom Bath]
David Toop – Mabutawi-Teri: Young Men Singing, Pt. 4 [Sub Rosa]
yuk. featuring Ahnnu – Kyochon [Leaving Records]
Ramzi – Princess of Cups [1080p]
Augenmusik – Phase III [Eiderdown Records]
Other People – Other People’s Imaginary Feast [Other People]
Clock DVA – Windscale [Vinyl-On-Demand]
Kerridge – Sonic Instruments Of War #01 [Contort]
M.E.S.H. – Methy Imbiß [PAN]
Acre / Filter Dread – Trashed [PAN x Codes]
RM – Regret Of Grey Politics [iDEAL]
Mark Fell & Gabor Lazar – Track 3 (from The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making) [The Death Of Rave]
Max Tundra – Mode 92 [Marvellous Tone]
Ancient Astronaut – XXX [Other People]
Fischerle – Sharon Clark (1971) [B.D.T.A.]