Awkward Movements on NTS 23.1.16

Only the second show back in session for the year for Awkward Movements on NTS, still playing a bit of catch up with the copious amounts of dope records released in the back part of last year.

Seekersinternational and Tremble held it down for dubwise plates early on, with cassettes from Nerftoss on Patient Sounds, and Adam Oko on Astro:Dynamics also dropped, in the show. And in between we went on a live music tip, working in some Housewives, Harmonia (pictured above) and the brilliant Laddio Bolocko from the recent reissue of live pieces.

Bakunin Commando on Amok Tapes brought us back to the electronic pieces proper, getting in new bits from L.I.E.S., Rezzett and Computer Graphics before the end of the show amongst a whole heap more.

Full track list and stream below, get in touch for the download as always.

Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze back on air in fortnight’s time, make sure you get locked.

Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon – XIII [Snow Dog Records]
X-On – MultiVox FX Series 2 [Silo]
Tremble – We Nuh Care [Ruffcut]
Seekersinternational – A TrustInDigikal [Bokeh Versions]
Phlekz – Off [Mordant Muzik]
Birdy Earns – Glockern [Speaker Footage]
Nerftoss – Chase [Patient Sounds]
Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper – Les Différences S’unissent [Was Ist Das ?]
Pierre Bastien – Seven Eves [Morphine Records]
Skeppet – Inbjudan Till Trance [Not Not Fun Records]
Harmonia – Live at Fabrik in Hamburg [Gronland Reords]
Housewives – Larceny [Blank Editions / Hands In The Dark / Negative Day]
Laddio Bolocko – Afrostructure Pt. I [No Quarter]
Adam Oko – Diet of Germs [Astro:Dynamics]
Harmonious Thelonious – Sans Ecole [ITALIC recordings]
Hama – B-Imidiwan N’assouf (Krucial Kuts Dub Mix) [Boomarm Nation]
Bakunin Commando – I [Amok Tapes]
Rezzett – Hey Hugo [The Trilogy Tapes]
Jean Nipon And The Magendie High School – Tepco Cunts [L.I.E.S.]
Siobhan – Personal Proberty [Siobhan Personal Proberty]
Russell Haswell – Hardwax Flashback (Powell ‘Cov Megamix’) [Speaker Footage]
Computer Graphics – We Have To Go (Moire Remix Pt 1) [Fuselab]
Luca Lozano – DJ Sotofett’s Gurn Redouble Riddim [Hypercolour]
Warren Raww – Bryan Ferry []