Awkward Movements on NTS – 21.1.17

The weekend’s Awkward Movements show on NTS was dope. As always, and despite doing a show Christmas Eve, I totally underestimated the pure quality of music that gets released December / January, and unfortunately for many, slips through the cracks. And this was a shot at redemption.

The People Skills LP on Blackest Ever Black was one such release. Dropped in December it seemed to go under the radar for many, myself included, but if you’ve not heard Gunshots at Crestridge I strongly recommend checking it out.

Likewise on the Boomarm Nation Family Album 2017 which the good people at Boomarm Nation are sharing as a potentially free download. Dropped the 1st of January it’s one of the best compilations I’ve seen in time, featuring the likes El Mahdy Jr, Gulls and Elite Beat working on tracks including a remix of Aghali Ag Amoumine of Takamba fame which opened the show.

Too much heat to shout out individually but as a last mention we’ve got to give shouts to Kink Gong. The new record’s called Imer Zeillos and is out on Discrepant this month, and as with everything else he touches is an incredible listen. We managed to drop two cuts from it at the top of the show for you to check out. Stream and full track list below.

If all goes according to plan we should be having a guest takeover next week for the show. More details forthcoming but be sure to lock-in.

Aghali Ag Amoumine – Takamba (Gulls DUB) [Boomarm Nation]
Kink Gong – Comme Un Éventail Se Rétracte [Discrepant]
Kink Gong – Le Double Vent Traverse Les Oreillesv [Discrepant]
Charles Hayward / Han-earl Park / Ian Smith / Lol Coxhil – Similkameen [Slam Productions]
People Skills – 89¢ Public Render [Blackest Ever Black]
Hookworms – Deu [Faux Discz / Gringo Records]
Moon Wiring Club – Rotten Druid [Gecophonic Audio Systems]
Rabit – Searching [Self-released]
David Moss – Terrain #2 [Cornpride]
Graham Lambkin – The Harmocia [Kye]
People Skills – Town of Diana [Blackest Ever Black]
Odd Nosdam – M e n u s []
Antonio – Breeze [Smashing Tape Records]
Elektro Guzzi – Parade [Denovali Records]
Nicola Ratti – W10 [Where To Now?]
El Mahdy Jr. & XJ – Dari Fog Nakhla [Boomarm Nation]
PeopleMover – All In (Daktronics) [ddust Direct]
Max Graef & Glenn Astro – W313D (Max & Glenn’s Dub Up) [Ninja Tune]
Eric Copeland – Hairy [Palmetto Arts]
German Army – Kiiking [Czaska Records]
Black Deer – Post War [L.I.E.S. Records]
John Bender – 35b5 Records [Superior Viaduct]
Moon Wiring Club – Time Means Nowt [Gecophonic Audio Systems]
Yves De Mey – White Noise Spring [Entr’acte]
QST – 8 [Inta]
Willis Anne – B1 [LAN]
Black Merlin – Klang [Jealous God]