Awkward Movements on NTS – 20.8.16

Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze in control and selecting on last week’s Awkward Movements show on NTS. Two hours of awesome tunes, and since they’re such nice words that I’ve recently looked up and because I’ve overcome my fear of pretentiousness I’m going to include the words ‘idiosyncratic’ and ‘didact’ as descriptions this week.

It’s been a minute since we heard some Conlon Nancarrow on the show (pictured above), still one of the most mind-blowing cats in music history in my opinion. If you’re after an introduction to his work here’s a good place to start:

Tunes from labels the likes of Sub Rosa, Poo-Bah and Seagrave who’re ever-good, sitting alongside a load of new joints, including an absolute cracker of an opening track from Villalobos & Loderbauer on Perlon.

Stream and track list below, get in touch for the download. Don’t mind saying Paul’s been insanely busy with the radio Olympics and in the lead up to Dead Albatross. I don’t think anyone consumes as much music as him.

Yours truly back on the weekend, reach out for requests, abuse and the like on Twitter.

Villalobos & Loderbauer ft Tea Time – Mas Profundo Que Mis Pies [Perlon]
DJ Problemas – Tempo De Ir Para Casa [Bandcamp]
Fabioulous Barker – The Crown [Katakana]
Art Of Tones – Devil The Difference [House Of Disco]
FFF – Amen Soldier VIP [Murder Channel]
Ras G – Beats Of Mind [Poo-Bah]
DJ Zozi – Mellow Vibe [1080p]
Perfume Advert – Mirror Shield [1080p]
Alma Negra – Tabanka (Version) [Sofrito]
Conlon Nancarrow – Study For Player Piano No. 7 [Wergo]
Dajuin Yao – Satisfaction Of Oscillation [Sub Rosa]
Juan Blanco – Tanidos [Areito]
Epoca de Invierno – Lluvia, Tuberias y Particulas de Aceleracion [Delirio De Cordura]
Aiwa – GRI Conscious [Seagrave]
DJ Marfox – Swaramgami [Principe]
Zanfjord – Cublionious Nixon Thrice [Bandcamp]
Jabulani Badco Mkhani – Corrupt [Shangaanbang]