Awkward Movements on NTS – 19.9.15

The unplanned shows are often the best, and with chronic jet lag and a heap of good records the weekends Awkward Movements show for NTS turned out to be a new favourite for time.

Probably didn’t hype up the new Beatrice Dillon (pictured above) plate on Where To Now? enough given it sat at the top of the show, but damn it’s good. Where To Now? has got to be one of the best curated labels around at the moment, likewise with Room40 who also seem to have artists appearing in every show of late, this time around it was Eric Griswald with a cut from his new LP Pain Avoidance Machine.

Howlround taking on a remix of Devon Loch, the collaborative force of Neek and Amos Childs as O$VMV$M get in there, new Seekersinternational birthing a new label, the Finders Keepers reissue of Ami Shavit and twenty-odd other tracks which all made for a cracking two hours. We also (somewhat unintentionally) managed to get away with playing a whole side of El Mahdy Jr’s new record, which was a win for everybody as it’s damn amazing.

Stream with track list below or get in touch for the download link. Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze back in a fortnight for Awkward Movements, get locked.

Beatrice Dillon – Face A [Where To Now?]
Jessy Lanza – Fuck Diamond (Bambounou Remix) [Hyperdub]
Pole – Moose (Live) [Basic Channel / Dub Techno]
Ami Shavit – Alpha 2 [Finders Keepers]
Devon Loch – Rapid (Howlround Follows Them Down remix) [Kit]
O$VMV$M – Surprise Sisters Devil Mix [Idle Hands]
Seekersinternational – TrustInDigikal [Bokeh Versions]
El Mahdy Jr – A Side [Discrepant]
Master Musicians of Bukkake – Where Louis Meets Clark [Important Records]
Natural Snow Buildings – 16 Girls In A Hole [Ba Da Bing!]
Erik Griswold – Hammer & Tongs [Room40]
Bill Horist – Kirin: Yama No Kami: Tango [Important Records]
Vidéo-Aventures – La Noosphère, La Noosphère : V. Aventures Feuilleton (Serial-Story) N°3 [Spalax Records]
Vidéo-Aventures – Tina [Spalax Records]
Captain Beefheart – Dirty Blue Geen (Famicom Version) []
Delofi – Kola [Acorn Tapes]
Dadaisme – Cassette 1 [Oblast]
Theo Burt – Speaker Mix [Presto?!]
Benedikt Frey – Portal [MRT]
Patricia – Hadal Zone [Opal Tapes]
Leonardo Martelli – Triumph [New York Haunted]
Faces Of Drums – The Lost Tracks 4 [Mathematics]