Awkward Movements on NTS – 17.10.15

The weekend’s Awkward Movements show on NTS, now up on archive with stream and full track list below. Apologies as always for the delay on getting this up, currently about as sick as I’ve ever been. Well, actually, since year 8, where I was in bed for three weeks straight. Really got in to professional wrestling for that three week period, so watch this space.

Played both sides of the recent E3 7″ on Boomarm Nation, new stuff from Topdown Dialect returning on /Aught, the inaugural release from Lee Gamble’s new imprint UIQ from N1L, a couple of beatsmith pieces from Ras G and Sporting Life (pictured above), Porn Sword Tobacco, Journeyman Traxx and loads more newness.

Doubled up on Russell Haswell too as the man released a full-length and a totally separate 12″ last month on Diagonal and Editions Mego respectfully. Stoked to see more new music from the Future Cerberus Technologies label too, and of course we had to get a cut in from In Situ, the stunning new double EP from Laurel Halo on Honest Jon’s.

Too much other goodness to mention, but you can check it out below or get in touch for the download link.

E3 – To The End (El Mahdy Jr Remix) [Boomarm Nation]
Ras G – Deep Space Nine [Sounds Of The Universe]
Okokon – Host [Other People]
Sporting Life – Sports Nation [R&S Records]
Varg – I Am Indebted To Her Forever [Ascetic House]
Topdown Dialectic – 05 [/Aught]
Roadside Picnic – Coney Island Immersion Time Travel Test [Seagrave]
N1L – Lonely Is The New Black [UIQ]
L.SAE – Line Sunk Like I’m Sunk [Timedance]
Russell Haswell – Tongue Dancer ’85 [Editions Mego]
Frank Bretschneider – Free Market [Raster-Noton]
Oneohtrix Point Never – I Bite Through It [Warp]
Licking Mirrors – Electronic Like Smokey Robinson [Cerberus Future Technologies]
Porn Sword Tobacco + SVN – Untitled (A side) [Kontra-Musik]
Journeymann Trax – Canopy (ft. D. Tiffany) [1080p]
Laurel Halo – Leaves [Honest Jon’s]
Clap! Clap! – (E) Earnest [Black Acre]
Russel Haswell – Improvisation #1 [Diagonal]
Anti-G – Holá Eléctrico [Rwina]
Shit and Shine – Upside Down Cheeseburger [Editions Mego]
Moor Mother Goddess – Springdance [Vague Audio Tapes]
The Untouchables – Suffa Ray Shun [45 Seven]
E3 – To The End [Boomarm Nation]
The Heaven Singers – Rasta Dreadlocks [Soul Jazz Records]
Tlaotlon – Siade [Fat Cat]
Ron Morelli – A Gathering Together [Hospital Productions]
Coil – The Test (New Orleans mix) [Cold Spring]
Simbiosi – Diamond Ac [Werkdiscs]